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20 Unique Gifts for Wellness Lovers

I’m going to be honest – gift-giving is not my strong suit. So I’m always in search of gift ideas that are intentional, meaningful, and beneficial for the receiver (no one wants to accumulate more stuff they’ll never use!). Gifts that are under the wellness umbrella seem to always check those boxes. And that’s why I’ve partnered with Monica at Head+Heart to compile a Wellness Gift Guide full of our favorites! Check them out below and feel free to send us an email if you need a personal recommendation.

From Hannah at Three Moon Collective:

1. The perfect bulk gift for friends, Breeze Holistic and Wild Heart Healing have collaborated on a run of “Tend” yuletide tincture with rose, lavender, holy basil, and rosemary to keep emotional, immune health, and boundaries tended to through the holidays and beyond! Sliding scale for a 1 oz bottle is $13 – 23 plus shipping, or Seattle locals are welcome to do no-contact pickups. Inquire by sending an email.

2. 1:1 Virtual crystal Reiki session with Yasmine of Crystal Wellness Company. Uniquely customized for your needs, Yasmine offers 3 options at different price points – some even include oracle readings and crystal gifts! Book one here.


Nourish Package from The Wildflower Kitchen

3. Gift a few nourishing meals to a loved one by purchasing one of The Wildflower Kitchen’s meal delivery packages! They offer three package options for new mamas, early postpartum and also offer a weekly Nourish Package that provides a soup, grain bowl and snack to feed 1-2 or supplement a family’s meals for the week. Browse the packages here.

4. Need a unique idea for a virtual holiday party? Book a group online wellness experience with our friends at Luv Collective and choose from a Tarot reading, Yoga class, or Astrology reading to make your holiday festivities a little more mystical. Explore your options here.

5. Instead of stocking stuffers, consider a Reiki tune-up from Luna the Gray! In just 30 minutes, you can have your energy gently rebalanced and be guided into a serenely calm state. Book a tune-up here.

6. From now until January 11, 2021, Micha Goebig is offering a special 3-session package, “Pin Down Your Priorities” for $300. The offer is meant to provide a taste of life coaching and support you or a loved one in doing only stuff that matters going forward. Inquire by sending Micha an email.

Breathwork Sesssion with Danielle Kurtz

7. For those who are ready for things to shift, consider booking a Breathwork Energy Healing session with Danielle Kurtz. An experience that helps you gain access to your own innate wisdom, this is the sweetest support I wish I could gift everyone I know.

8. If you’re looking for something to gift yourself this season, make it a Soul Talk session with Roe of The Slow Moment. Soul Talk is a method of Soul-based life coaching that empowers you on your journey of self-discovery. Discover and reconnect to your Soul’s purpose as we enter the New Year (I can’t imagine a better way to start 2021!). Your first session is free, book it here.

9. For the animal lovers in your life, an Animal Communication Session with Neave Karger is the perfect way to connect with furry friends on another level. Snag a gift certificate here. [Side note: I actually got this for my mom last year for Christmas and she loved it!]

10. And if you’re really not sure what to gift a loved one, get an Intuitive Gift Package from Maria Muñoz of Light Owl Healing and let her intuitively choose for you! Select your budget, share any details, and let Maria work her magic. [Side note #2: I did this for Mother’s Day this year and it was another homerun gift]

From Monica at Head+Heart:

1. As a wannabe herbalist, one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while was getting a personal herbal consultation from Sue at Unity Herbals. You’ll leave with herbal knowledge plus personal teas and tinctures to support your health. You can do this in person in Vancouver or virtually on Zoom. Sue’s teas make a lovely gift on their own; she’s famous for her caffeine-free chai!

2. The most fun, relaxing and restorative hair experience can be had via Yuko Turnbull’s Holistic Hair Ceremony, pictured above! She gives a great cut, plus a super-relaxing head massage with tuning forks, sound meditation, reiki and intention-setting. Unique, check!

Candles from Crystal Wellness Company

3. This candle + cloche found at Crystal Wellness Companyis a great mix of self care + luxe. Plus, it was featured in British Vogue. What I love most is that the owner Yasmine Decosterd infuses Crystal Reiki energy into the products she carries.

4. For aspiring meditators, and those into personal growth, the gift of a wellness program with a truly great teacher is a unique and personal gesture. I’ve done Mara Branscombe’s The Art of Ritual program and loved it. Other options: 30 Days of Soul Work for anyone who’s wanting to make space for their personal growth journey or Navigate Meditation, for aspiring meditators.

5. For anyone in your life who loves yoga and is equally into their personal growth, Lea Morrison’s inclusive membership includes yoga, trauma-informed coaching, yoga workshops, group coaching, stress management and mindfulness and meditation activities.

6. Someone on your list in transition right now? The gift of a Find Your Life’s Purpose Workshop is just the ticket. World-renowned yoga teacher Natalie Backman offers an embodied approach to helping people discover their life’s purpose; a perfect gift for anyone wanting clarity.

Gua Sha Spa Experience with Wildflower's Gretchen.

7. Unlike many spas, where you leave feeling there are things about your face that should be fixed, you’ll leave Gretchen at Wildflower in Port Moody and Leah at Innerland Beauty in Seattle feeling you’re perfect as you are, plus your skin will be glowing. Both of these holistic healers will be offering virtual tutorials and workshops soon.

8. A beautiful Supported Soul yoga mat, making your yoga practice even more appealing at home. The all-in-one mats have a great reputation.

9. For anyone with a pet with health issues, buy then a virtual Animal Reiki session with Dr. Priya Saklani. This isn’t advertised on Head + Heart, but Priya is the woman who brought animal reiki to India, and has started a movement to help animals via energy healing. Contact her via this link.

10. Meaningful time together. Whether it’s live (not likely) or virtual, you could book tickets to a breathwork meditation, moon ceremony, or inspiring talk about herbal health. Take a peek at our upcoming events to see if there’s anything you and your giftees would love. It doesn’t have to be expensive- there are many free options on the site!

Still searching for that perfect gift? Browse our Collective of service providers or shoot us an email at hello@threemooncollective.com to get a personal recommendation!

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