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7 Different Ways to Connect With Your Intuition

Our intuition is one of the most important tools we possess. It’s a free life compass that is granted to each of us when we arrive on this planet. But the tricky part is, our compasses are not some standard-issue model. We each experience and connect with our intuition in a different way.

Learning how your own intuition works will help you make empowered decisions, live in alignment with your purpose, and find more ease and adventure along the way.

Below we’ve gathered 7 different ways of connecting with your intuition from our Collective (aka the most intuitive people we know). Take what works and leave the rest!

Neave Karger, Animal Intuitive

I connect with my intuition in daily walks in nature. Humans are part of nature. Nature is receptive and compassionate and will lovingly engage with people helping to re-awaken their innate intuitive abilities. Practicing animal communication also helps strengthen one’s intuitive abilities.

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Roe Johnson, Yin Yoga Teacher + Intuitive Soul Coach

A morning meditation or journal session is important to me. Starting my day off with myself in stillness and silence allows me to more easily remain tuned-in as I enter my day.
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Mary Ann Stancel, Intuitive Energy Healer

A mixture of both practice and ritual. Every morning I make an effort to journal, meditate, and reiki. I may start with one practice or the other. This is using what I originally learned from The Artist’s Way a few years ago, which has morphed into a deeper connection with myself and Spirit. I light a candle, spray or sage my space, breathe, and sit with my power. I’ve been opening it with “Good morning God, my core Spirit Guides of the highest good and Angels. Thank you for the amazing morning!” or sometimes I will thank them and ask for protection. Then I start to journal. In the mix of it, I’ll write down my gratitude list and reflect on my feelings. I’ll end by including a meditation to sit with my power and reiki session.

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Adrenna Nicole, Spiritual Educator

I practice spiritual hygiene on a consistent basis. This includes grounding + centering, spiritual bathing, and practicing discernment.
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Emily Marie, Energy Intuitive

Going into my center, and imagining my light. That’s where it all starts, it’s the access to everything. Your guides, angels, protectors, loved ones who have crossed over, the expansiveness of the Universe and the stars, our inner warm and bright light is what catapults our connection to all of these things, and the only thing we need to do is go within and explore. I have a free meditation on connecting and expanding with your light if you want it.
Check out Emily’s 1:1 energy intuitive sessions // follow along at @emily.marie.energy

Esther Loopstra, Artist + Educator

I do free-writing instead of journaling in the morning – I ask my intuition for guidance for that day or week and just let the pen flow. It’s amazing the intelligence that comes out. I also make sure that I’m connected to my body throughout the day, listening for any subtle sensations or nudges.
Check out Esther’s 1:1 intuition sessions // follow along at @estherloopstraart

Mari Roberts, Psychic Life Coach

The most important thing for strengthening and understanding our pings is through practice. There are a number of ways that we can do this, but I like to keep a journal. This can be done by simply noting what comes up, but you can take this a step deeper. You can free write with a journal prompt: “God/Universe, what is it I am to know for my highest good?” and just free flow.
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5 Journal Prompts to Access Your Intuition

If you spend a lot of time in your head, it can be tough to drop into your own inner wisdom. That’s why I love journaling; it soothes my brain while also allowing me to get in touch with what’s going on beneath the surface.

But you don’t have to wing it every time you sit down to journal. Especially if the juices just aren’t flowing.

We’ve sourced our community for their favorite journal prompts to access their intuition, and we’re excited to share them with you! Check them out below and let us know via email which ones are your favorites.

How is my heart/mind/body right now? How would I like my heart/mind/body be?

For yin yoga teacher & soul talk coach Roe Johnson, these simple questions offer her the space to check-in with her intentions behind the actions of that day/moment. It is a clear indicator if she is moving from a place of habit or rush, versus from her center. When she asks “How would I like to be,” she is brought deeper within herself, where she is intuitively guided toward the desires she truly would like to move towards.

Is this intuition or fear?

Oftentimes, we can get clouded on this distinction says spiritual educator, Adrenna Nicole. When we can practice discernment and determine what information we are picking up, we receive clarity. From this place, we can continue developing a trusting relationship with our intuition. This also allows us to get to know our fears more and to work with them in a conscious way.

What messages do you have for me? What does my core spirit team want me to know today?

This prompt comes from intuitive energy healer Mary Ann Stancel and is an excellent way to loop your spirit team into your intuitive equation. You can take a meditative moment to call in your spirit team, or just start writing and see what your higher self or subconscious has to say!

Is there something in my life that my intuition is nudging me towards, but I keep resisting?

  • How do I sense this in my body?
  • What are the ways this thing keeps showing up in my life?
  • What would happen if I took the first step?
The purpose of this prompt from artist + educator Esther Loopstra is to first acknowledge our intuition. This is one of the steps to begin to hear and trust our intuition. It also centers the sensations in our body which can help us establish and deepen our mind-body connection.

What do I need to know for my highest good right now?

According to energy facilitator Emily Marie, the simplest things give us the greatest insight. Moving our hand gives our busy mind a distraction and we can feel into the softness of our inner knowing. It can be challenging at times to trust our inner voice, but it’s there, and when we reach out of it, it will always respond. It sounds like you, it feels like yourself, and it will always, always respond.


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