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5 Journal Prompts to Uncover Limiting Beliefs

If you’re part of the Three Moon Collective community, you know that we LOVE a good journal prompt. In my opinion, journaling is the easiest (and cheapest!) form of internal inquiry.

It’s also gentle and can be taken at your own pace. Which is why it’s a great practice to ease into inner child + shadow work (learn more about those concepts and the practitioners we recommend here).

Below are a few journal prompts from our community to begin the conversation with your inner child + shadow. Use them to uncover any long-held or hidden limiting beliefs!

What need did this particular behavior/belief satisfy when I was living in survival mode or dependant on others for my basic needs?  

  • What did this behavior/belief protect me from when I was living in survival mode or dependant on others for my basic needs?
  • What outdated emotional experience or belief is being reinforced by my reaction to this situation? 

These prompts from breathwork facilitator and intuitive guide Annalise Sullivan help us explore limiting beliefs or hold space for our inner child. Especially if we find ourselves feeling irritated, angry, confused, disconnected, etc. The first prompt zeros in on why this behavior or belief was created. The second prompt reminds us that it has a purpose. The third prompt reminds us that we’re having a reaction to protect us from feeling the feelings we’re most afraid of. We’re not crazy, these are just mind-based attempts at adaptation that we don’t need to survive anymore.

Why do I see it that way?

Another favorite self-inquiry prompt from Annalise Sullivan. This question allows us to fully experience and honor the presenting emotional reaction, while also opening us up to an alternative perspective on the situation. Annalise says that when she uses this prompt, she’s better able to understand the origin of the emotional reaction. Then she can begin to connect with an alternative that is a reflection of her evolution, rather than a knee-jerk reaction of her childhood attachment wounds. This brings with it a subtle yet profound experience of freedom.

What am I holding onto within that needs to be witnessed?

A gentle prompt that spiritual teacher Maria Muñoz uses when she needs to reintroduce herself to her sensitive and compassionate side. She follows up with this line of inquiry: Does it need to be heard/seen/felt? Is there resistance or fear? When was that first introduced? Am I able to allow space between who I am now and the limiting beliefs? How can I support myself to release or integrate with ease and love? Am I ready to call in guidance from my higher self?

What do you need right now at this moment in time? How can I support you?

This prompt from energy healer Mary Ann Stancel helps spark a direct conversation with our inner child and the support they might be asking for. She usually supplements this request for support with the words – “I love you. I hear you. I support you. I am with you” as she rests her hands on her heart, saying it several times over and over again.

Where do my beliefs around _______ stem from? What do I actually believe and what was I nurtured to believe?

A prompt from spiritual educator Adrenna Nicole which you can use to explore the roots of limiting beliefs in a variety of areas such as relationships, money, religion, careers, spiritual gifts, female/male roles, and parenting. Begin by inserting a topic you’d like to explore into the prompt above. Next, write down all the beliefs you have in this area of your life. Let it flow, what comes through might surprise you. Then, write down all the beliefs you’d like to hold in this area. Compare and contrast to see what you can let go of.

What do you doubt about yourself that isn’t true? What holds you back from being seen as you truly are?

This final prompt comes from life mastery coach Brittany Marie when she wants to explore doubt. Personal doubt is an opportunity to look inwards and flip the script. By asking what our doubt says and seeing how our intuition responds, we can reveal what is true and develop a deeper sense of internal trust.

Want more guidance? Download this month’s Ascension Guide to get an astro + lunar forecast, even more journal prompts, and a weekly aspirations checklist to support your well-being.

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