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5 Spiritual Mentors We *Highly* Recommend

When I first embarked on a path of self-discovery and inner knowing, I became lost and overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Coming from a religious upbringing and a community with strongly enforced societal norms, I was eager to escape what I knew, but had no idea how to navigate or approach what I didn’t.

I bumbled my way through the first few years of my spiritual awakening before beginning to find mentors who were speaking a language that I could understand.

These mentors helped me establish my spiritual foundation, encouraged my spiritual development, and supported me through my seasons of doubt.

I wish I’d found them at the beginning of my journey, but I’m eager to share them with you now, in hopes that they can support you at whatever part of your path you might be on.

5 Spiritual Mentors We *Highly* Recommend:

Danielle Kurtz, spiritual mentor

Danielle Kurtz

Danielle is a Yin + Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Breathwork guide who became one of my first spiritual mentors (as well as a dear friend) when we were brought together serendipitously three years ago. Her innate wisdom and comfortability with the unknown inspires my own trust in something bigger, and every conversation, session, or collaboration I have with her leaves me feeling inspired and reaffirmed. For spiritual support, I recommend booking a private Breathwork session with Danielle.

IG // @danielle_kurtz_

Maria Muñoz, one of our spiritual mentors

Maria Muñoz

Maria is a Spiritual & Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Curandera Espiritual, Sound Healer, and Founder of Light Owl Healing. Clearly, she is an experienced practitioner with many modalities at her fingertips. But what drew me to Maria is her absolute authenticity and the way she speaks from spirit. Being part of her Mediumship Development group was one of the most formative experiences of my spiritual journey and she is the practitioner I recommend to my most skeptical friends. To see for yourself, book an individualized Spiritual & Intuitive Energy Healing session with Maria.

IG // @lightowlllc & @lightowlhealing

Emily McNaughton, Emily Marie

Emily Marie

Emily is an Energy Practitioner who has a seriously relatable perspective when it comes to spirituality. Another practitioner who leads with authenticity, I love when Emily breaks down esoteric concepts in ways that even the most beginner or doubtful minds can resonate with (hear her explain spiritual teams in this IG live we did together). For those who struggle to balance their spirituality with their everyday life, I recommend booking an Individual Empowerment session with Emily.

IG // @energy_with_emily

Mari Roberts, Mari Roberts Life

Mari Roberts

Mari is a Psychic Life + Leadership coach who proves that you can be spiritual while still holding down a day job. She is the spiritual mentor I so wish I had when I was living the corporate life, but I’m grateful she was brought into my orbit at all. Her energy is infectious and always leaves me feeling hopeful and expansive, and her method of listening to the pings has helped me find my way over and over again. If you want to live your purpose without ditching your 9-5, I recommend signing up for Mari’s 3 month 1:1 Aligned Abundance coaching program.

IG // @marirobertslife

Adrenna Nicole

Adrenna Nicole

Adrenna is a Spiritual Educator and Body Deva Practitioner who supported me through my most recent season of spiritual doubt. Through a blend of guided meditation, intuitive inquiry, and inner child work, we were able to get to the root of where this doubt was stemming from and ask my smaller self what she needed to feel supported. If you are also in a season of spiritual doubt, are experiencing a spiritual-psychic awakening, or identify as an empath or surivior of trauma, I highly recommend booking a session with Adrenna.

IG // @intuitiveadrenna

Looking for more support? Browse our Collective of healers, teachers, and practitioners in every modality.

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