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A PNW Spooky Story – Haunting at the Hotel de Haro

Do you believe in ghosts? I flip flop all the time, despite having experiences in mediumship circles and IRL that I simply can’t explain. Since I’m fresh off a ghost tour in Charleston and Halloween is around the corner, I thought it might be an appropriate time to tell you about my first paranormal encounter.

The Story

A few years ago I was staying at the Hotel de Haro for a wedding on San Juan Island. After the welcome party, me and my boyfriend at the time headed back to our room to hit the hay. We talked for a bit before sleeping deeply and without disturb.

In the morning, we woke up to our room in complete disarray. It looked like someone had pulled everything out of our suitcases. My toiletry bag – which had been sitting on the sink – was dumped and strewn across the floor. The ironing board we’d used was tipped over in a different direction than it had been standing. There was a sock wedged in the door, and my boyfriend’s iPad was gently placed along the wall behind it.

While we definitely had a few drinks at the party, we certainly did not decide to throw the contents of our luggage around the room when we returned.

Since I was in the wedding party, I didn’t have time to think too much of it as I hurried off to get ready. I told the group what had happened, but no one really believed me, and the rest of the day was fun, celebratory, and everything a wedding should be.

But the next morning, the bride ran up to me and said, “I BELIEVE YOU NOW,” and told me about how her and her new husband had been disturbed by a spirit when they retired to the newlyweds suite. They both felt uneasy and heard ringing in their ears before both seeing a wine cork move on its own and a shadow fly past the window.

It scared them so badly, they slept in a house with some of the groomsmen instead!

On the ferry ride home I looked up the history of the hotel, and sure enough, it’s haunted by a ghost who likes to play tricks on hotel guests. I’ve had other experiences in mediumship circles since then, but that’s the most obvious thing that’s happened to me.

The Takeaway

Whether you believe in spirits or not, there are certainly plenty of things that we just can’t explain (at least not yet). And, it’s pretty cool to experience a city like Charleston that is steeped in creepy culture and even has government officials who have their own tales to tell.

Got a ghost story to tell? Send it my way at hello@threemooncollective.com! Maybe I’ll compile them for a future blog post if I get enough 🙂

Written by Hannah Exner, Founder of Three Moon Collective

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