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About Three Moon Collective

Three Moon Collective is a resource for curious wellness seekers and the intuitive, heart-centered providers who support them. We are dedicated to creating a community that is inclusive, intentional, and rooted in wellness practices that raise our collective vibration.

If you’re a wellness seeker, we offer a weekly newsletter filled with local wellness events, a Collective of talented and trusted wellness providers, and a community of like-minded individuals who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

If you’re a wellness provider, we help you feel less alone by offering community, connection, and marketing support to help spread your message. Contact us here to learn more about becoming part of the Collective.

Join us as we raise our collective vibration together and support each other through every phase of life.

Hi there!

My name is Hannah and I’m the founder of Three Moon Collective. At the time of this writing, it’s taken me over two years to add myself to my own about page (!).

Why is that? I’ve spent a long time believing that who I am or what I have to say doesn’t matter (oof inner critic). It wasn’t until I became a yoga teacher and was forced to speak words that got people into positions where they could actually hurt themselves that I began to understand that my words carried weight.

I’ve been learning to find my voice ever since. And I have never felt more heard or more seen than in the wellness community. Which honestly, is a little freaky when you first dip your toes in those warm waters of well-being.

Workshops where we talk about our fears & feelings?? Coaches who see my innate worthiness and reflect it back to me?! Connecting with my guides and spirit team?????

Yeah, it can be a lot.

Now, I read the Akashic Records, practice Reiki, and communicate with spirits, but I was NOT ready for any of this when I embarked on my journey in 2014. And part of that is because there was no guide to all the potential wellness practices and providers that might be available to me.

I had to go do the whole Eat, Pray, Love thing and quit my job, move to Colombia, blah blah blah you know the story, until I could FINALLY accept that I am an intuitive, energetic being who is capable of quite a bit more than I had been taught to believe.

But I don’t think it has to be that… challenging.

We all have our path and that was mine, but there was so much soul growth and intentional community I could have found while I was chilling at my desk job.

So, that’s why I created Three Moon Collective. To be a resource and community for curious wellness seekers (like me!) and the intuitive, heart-centered providers who support them.

I hope you like it here. If you resonated with anything I said above, I think you’d enjoy our weekly newsletter that goes out on Monday’s (subscribe here). I go deeper than anything I can get into on IG, and I always share conversation-sparking articles, interesting wellness tidbits, and a round-up of the week’s wellness events so you know exactly what’s going down in the community and how you can participate.

Otherwise, say hi on IG, browse the Collective to find the provider of your dreams, and check out what events we have coming up so can hang out IRL!