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At Three Moon Collective, our values are based in keeping justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at the center of wellness for both providers and seekers.​


To us, wellness and justice are fundamentally entwined, as all are deserving of wellness. We recognize the ways in which the wellness world has often fallen short of centering these values and are committed to seizing the opportunity to do better. We feel that by each taking a small part, we can have a powerful impact on our own community and those that we touch.



Our actions can be seen in our ongoing tracking document.



We also recognize that this journey looks different for everyone. With that in mind, we ask all members consider committing to upholding the following core values that we see as fundamental to our community while honoring the unique ways they may take shape for you individually, by taking our pledge.

We strive to be community-led as much as possible and welcome your ideas for how this pledge can be developed and how its ideas can be implemented within our community.
And as you follow your own unique path, please never hesitate to reach out to us as a sounding board, resource, and support. We are always here to talk. You can reach us here.


Go ahead and get started on the pledge below!