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navigating season of spiritual doubt

How to Navigate a Season of Spiritual Doubt

It’s healthy to question the things we believe. Especially as we acquire new information and understandings of the world around us. But what if these questions lead us into a spiral of doubt? I’ve traveled down the staircase of suspicion many a time, and while I value my sense of curiosity and desire to fully …

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20 Unique Gifts for Wellness Lovers

I’m going to be honest – gift-giving is not my strong suit. So I’m always in search of gift ideas that are intentional, meaningful, and beneficial for the receiver (no one wants to accumulate more stuff they’ll never use!). Gifts that are under the wellness umbrella seem to always check those boxes. And that’s why …

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energetic hygiene tools

What Is Energetic Hygiene?

The Basics Energetic Hygiene is becoming aware of your energy field and developing a practice to tend to your energy. All living things have an energy field, and how we interact with this energy determines the quality of that vital life force that flows internally and externally. Most of us can’t see our own or …

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My Inner Critic & Me

My Inner Critic and Me 

Years ago, when I did my coaching training, our group of aspiring coaches would repeatedly discuss the relevance of the Inner Critic to us and most of our future clients. My response was pretty much, pfft. Plus some eye-rolling. Unobtrusive, but dismissive nevertheless and full-on judgmental in nature. So it’s a bit of an irony …

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How to Build Your Spiritual Wellness Team

How to build a spiritual wellness team — another thing no one teaches us in school (!) We grow up going to whoever our parents selected for us. But once we get into adulthood, we’re the ones responsible for finding our primary care doctor, choosing a therapist, and picking a gyno or whatever kind of …

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