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A PNW Spooky Story – Haunting at the Hotel de Haro

Do you believe in ghosts? I flip flop all the time, despite having experiences in mediumship circles and IRL that I simply can’t explain. Since I’m fresh off a ghost tour in Charleston and Halloween is around the corner, I thought it might be an appropriate time to tell you about my first paranormal encounter.

The Story

A few years ago I was staying at the Hotel de Haro for a wedding on San Juan Island. After the welcome party, me and my boyfriend at the time headed back to our room to hit the hay. We talked for a bit before sleeping deeply and without disturb.

In the morning, we woke up to our room in complete disarray. It looked like someone had pulled everything out of our suitcases. My toiletry bag – which had been sitting on the sink – was dumped and strewn across the floor. The ironing board we’d used was tipped over in a different direction than it had been standing. There was a sock wedged in the door, and my boyfriend’s iPad was gently placed along the wall behind it.

While we definitely had a few drinks at the party, we certainly did not decide to throw the contents of our luggage around the room when we returned.

Since I was in the wedding party, I didn’t have time to think too much of it as I hurried off to get ready. I told the group what had happened, but no one really believed me, and the rest of the day was fun, celebratory, and everything a wedding should be.

But the next morning, the bride ran up to me and said, “I BELIEVE YOU NOW,” and told me about how her and her new husband had been disturbed by a spirit when they retired to the newlyweds suite. They both felt uneasy and heard ringing in their ears before both seeing a wine cork move on its own and a shadow fly past the window.

It scared them so badly, they slept in a house with some of the groomsmen instead!

On the ferry ride home I looked up the history of the hotel, and sure enough, it’s haunted by a ghost who likes to play tricks on hotel guests. I’ve had other experiences in mediumship circles since then, but that’s the most obvious thing that’s happened to me.

The Takeaway

Whether you believe in spirits or not, there are certainly plenty of things that we just can’t explain (at least not yet). And, it’s pretty cool to experience a city like Charleston that is steeped in creepy culture and even has government officials who have their own tales to tell.

Got a ghost story to tell? Send it my way at hello@threemooncollective.com! Maybe I’ll compile them for a future blog post if I get enough 🙂

Written by Hannah Exner, Founder of Three Moon Collective

connect with your intuition

7 Different Ways to Connect With Your Intuition

Our intuition is one of the most important tools we possess. It’s a free life compass that is granted to each of us when we arrive on this planet. But the tricky part is, our compasses are not some standard-issue model. We each experience and connect with our intuition in a different way.

Learning how your own intuition works will help you make empowered decisions, live in alignment with your purpose, and find more ease and adventure along the way.

Below we’ve gathered 7 different ways of connecting with your intuition from our Collective (aka the most intuitive people we know). Take what works and leave the rest!

Neave Karger, Animal Intuitive

I connect with my intuition in daily walks in nature. Humans are part of nature. Nature is receptive and compassionate and will lovingly engage with people helping to re-awaken their innate intuitive abilities. Practicing animal communication also helps strengthen one’s intuitive abilities.

Check out Neave’s Intuitive Playground workshops // follow along at @heartsongcommunication

Roe Johnson, Yin Yoga Teacher + Intuitive Soul Coach

A morning meditation or journal session is important to me. Starting my day off with myself in stillness and silence allows me to more easily remain tuned-in as I enter my day.
Check out Roe’s Soul Talk Sessions // follow along at @theslow.moment

Mary Ann Stancel, Intuitive Energy Healer

A mixture of both practice and ritual. Every morning I make an effort to journal, meditate, and reiki. I may start with one practice or the other. This is using what I originally learned from The Artist’s Way a few years ago, which has morphed into a deeper connection with myself and Spirit. I light a candle, spray or sage my space, breathe, and sit with my power. I’ve been opening it with “Good morning God, my core Spirit Guides of the highest good and Angels. Thank you for the amazing morning!” or sometimes I will thank them and ask for protection. Then I start to journal. In the mix of it, I’ll write down my gratitude list and reflect on my feelings. I’ll end by including a meditation to sit with my power and reiki session.

Check out Mary Ann’s weekly Wednesday Energy Connection workshops // follow along at @maryannstancel

Adrenna Nicole, Spiritual Educator

I practice spiritual hygiene on a consistent basis. This includes grounding + centering, spiritual bathing, and practicing discernment.
Check out Adrenna’s 1:1 sessions // follow along at @intuitiveadrenna

Emily Marie, Energy Intuitive

Going into my center, and imagining my light. That’s where it all starts, it’s the access to everything. Your guides, angels, protectors, loved ones who have crossed over, the expansiveness of the Universe and the stars, our inner warm and bright light is what catapults our connection to all of these things, and the only thing we need to do is go within and explore. I have a free meditation on connecting and expanding with your light if you want it.
Check out Emily’s 1:1 energy intuitive sessions // follow along at @emily.marie.energy

Esther Loopstra, Artist + Educator

I do free-writing instead of journaling in the morning – I ask my intuition for guidance for that day or week and just let the pen flow. It’s amazing the intelligence that comes out. I also make sure that I’m connected to my body throughout the day, listening for any subtle sensations or nudges.
Check out Esther’s 1:1 intuition sessions // follow along at @estherloopstraart

Mari Roberts, Psychic Life Coach

The most important thing for strengthening and understanding our pings is through practice. There are a number of ways that we can do this, but I like to keep a journal. This can be done by simply noting what comes up, but you can take this a step deeper. You can free write with a journal prompt: “God/Universe, what is it I am to know for my highest good?” and just free flow.
Check out Mari’s Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom program // follow along at @marirobertslife


Three Moon Collective Community Membership

Want to be in community with these intuitive folks? Join our Three Moon Collective Community Membership to join the family (plus get access to our live workshops, content library, and guided well-being experience!).

Let’s Get Intuit: The Intuition Guide

If you’ve been spending time in the wellness world, you might have heard the phrase “connect to your intuition.” But what does that actually mean? And how do we do it?!

“Intuition is a powerful gift we hold. It allows us to be open to possibilities without controlling the outcome. It challenges us to believe in ourselves. It patiently honors our timing and understanding.” – Maria Muñoz

Everyone is intuitive. But sometimes we need a little help accessing and expanding our own innate intuitive gifts.

That’s why we’ve created this intuition guide in partnership with our friends at Head + Heart of the teachers who have helped us personally access our intuition in profound ways. We hope it helps you on your path!

uncover limiting beliefs

5 Journal Prompts to Uncover Limiting Beliefs

If you’re part of the Three Moon Collective community, you know that we LOVE a good journal prompt. In my opinion, journaling is the easiest (and cheapest!) form of internal inquiry.

It’s also gentle and can be taken at your own pace. Which is why it’s a great practice to ease into inner child + shadow work (learn more about those concepts and the practitioners we recommend here).

Below are a few journal prompts from our community to begin the conversation with your inner child + shadow. Use them to uncover any long-held or hidden limiting beliefs!

What need did this particular behavior/belief satisfy when I was living in survival mode or dependant on others for my basic needs?  

  • What did this behavior/belief protect me from when I was living in survival mode or dependant on others for my basic needs?
  • What outdated emotional experience or belief is being reinforced by my reaction to this situation? 

These prompts from breathwork facilitator and intuitive guide Annalise Sullivan help us explore limiting beliefs or hold space for our inner child. Especially if we find ourselves feeling irritated, angry, confused, disconnected, etc. The first prompt zeros in on why this behavior or belief was created. The second prompt reminds us that it has a purpose. The third prompt reminds us that we’re having a reaction to protect us from feeling the feelings we’re most afraid of. We’re not crazy, these are just mind-based attempts at adaptation that we don’t need to survive anymore.

Why do I see it that way?

Another favorite self-inquiry prompt from Annalise Sullivan. This question allows us to fully experience and honor the presenting emotional reaction, while also opening us up to an alternative perspective on the situation. Annalise says that when she uses this prompt, she’s better able to understand the origin of the emotional reaction. Then she can begin to connect with an alternative that is a reflection of her evolution, rather than a knee-jerk reaction of her childhood attachment wounds. This brings with it a subtle yet profound experience of freedom.

What am I holding onto within that needs to be witnessed?

A gentle prompt that spiritual teacher Maria Muñoz uses when she needs to reintroduce herself to her sensitive and compassionate side. She follows up with this line of inquiry: Does it need to be heard/seen/felt? Is there resistance or fear? When was that first introduced? Am I able to allow space between who I am now and the limiting beliefs? How can I support myself to release or integrate with ease and love? Am I ready to call in guidance from my higher self?

What do you need right now at this moment in time? How can I support you?

This prompt from energy healer Mary Ann Stancel helps spark a direct conversation with our inner child and the support they might be asking for. She usually supplements this request for support with the words – “I love you. I hear you. I support you. I am with you” as she rests her hands on her heart, saying it several times over and over again.

Where do my beliefs around _______ stem from? What do I actually believe and what was I nurtured to believe?

A prompt from spiritual educator Adrenna Nicole which you can use to explore the roots of limiting beliefs in a variety of areas such as relationships, money, religion, careers, spiritual gifts, female/male roles, and parenting. Begin by inserting a topic you’d like to explore into the prompt above. Next, write down all the beliefs you have in this area of your life. Let it flow, what comes through might surprise you. Then, write down all the beliefs you’d like to hold in this area. Compare and contrast to see what you can let go of.

What do you doubt about yourself that isn’t true? What holds you back from being seen as you truly are?

This final prompt comes from life mastery coach Brittany Marie when she wants to explore doubt. Personal doubt is an opportunity to look inwards and flip the script. By asking what our doubt says and seeing how our intuition responds, we can reveal what is true and develop a deeper sense of internal trust.

Want more guidance? Download this month’s Ascension Guide to get an astro + lunar forecast, even more journal prompts, and a weekly aspirations checklist to support your well-being.


Shadow Work Calling? Here are the Guides We Recommend

If you’re on the spiritual path, it’s quite likely you’ll run into shadow work or inner child work along the way. And while they might sound a little scary, we consider these foundational practices for releasing limiting beliefs, long held stories, and repeated patterns so that we can ultimately find more freedom.

But what the heck are these concepts, you might be wondering?

  • Inner Child Work: the process of becoming aware of the beliefs and coping mechanisms we learned as kids and acknowledging how they play out in our adult life. This can help create a foundation for shadow work.
  • Shadow Work: taking the subconscious beliefs formed in childhood or other parts of ourselves that we reject (our shadow) and learning how to accept and integrate them to show up as our whole, adult selves.


Now if the words “inner child,” made you cringe, you’re not alone. I have had a very strong aversion to inner child work up until recently. Mostly because 1. I didn’t fully understand what it was, and 2. Hearing someone say “embrace your inner child” kinda made me wanna yak.

But once I was introduced to this work by some of my most trusted guides, I uncovered a whole new layer of healing and inner understanding.

In partnership with Monica at Head + Heart, we rounded up our favorite guides in this blog post to support you if shadow or inner child work is calling your name.

5 Spiritual Mentors We *Highly* Recommend

When I first embarked on a path of self-discovery and inner knowing, I became lost and overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Coming from a religious upbringing and a community with strongly enforced societal norms, I was eager to escape what I knew, but had no idea how to navigate or approach what I didn’t.

I bumbled my way through the first few years of my spiritual awakening before beginning to find mentors who were speaking a language that I could understand.

These mentors helped me establish my spiritual foundation, encouraged my spiritual development, and supported me through my seasons of doubt.

I wish I’d found them at the beginning of my journey, but I’m eager to share them with you now, in hopes that they can support you at whatever part of your path you might be on.

5 Spiritual Mentors We *Highly* Recommend:

Danielle Kurtz, spiritual mentor

Danielle Kurtz

Danielle is a Yin + Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Breathwork guide who became one of my first spiritual mentors (as well as a dear friend) when we were brought together serendipitously three years ago. Her innate wisdom and comfortability with the unknown inspires my own trust in something bigger, and every conversation, session, or collaboration I have with her leaves me feeling inspired and reaffirmed. For spiritual support, I recommend booking a private Breathwork session with Danielle.

IG // @danielle_kurtz_

Maria Muñoz, one of our spiritual mentors

Maria Muñoz

Maria is a Spiritual & Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Curandera Espiritual, Sound Healer, and Founder of Light Owl Healing. Clearly, she is an experienced practitioner with many modalities at her fingertips. But what drew me to Maria is her absolute authenticity and the way she speaks from spirit. Being part of her Mediumship Development group was one of the most formative experiences of my spiritual journey and she is the practitioner I recommend to my most skeptical friends. To see for yourself, book an individualized Spiritual & Intuitive Energy Healing session with Maria.

IG // @lightowlllc & @lightowlhealing

Emily McNaughton, Emily Marie

Emily Marie

Emily is an Energy Practitioner who has a seriously relatable perspective when it comes to spirituality. Another practitioner who leads with authenticity, I love when Emily breaks down esoteric concepts in ways that even the most beginner or doubtful minds can resonate with (hear her explain spiritual teams in this IG live we did together). For those who struggle to balance their spirituality with their everyday life, I recommend booking an Individual Empowerment session with Emily.

IG // @energy_with_emily

Mari Roberts, Mari Roberts Life

Mari Roberts

Mari is a Psychic Life + Leadership coach who proves that you can be spiritual while still holding down a day job. She is the spiritual mentor I so wish I had when I was living the corporate life, but I’m grateful she was brought into my orbit at all. Her energy is infectious and always leaves me feeling hopeful and expansive, and her method of listening to the pings has helped me find my way over and over again. If you want to live your purpose without ditching your 9-5, I recommend signing up for Mari’s 3 month 1:1 Aligned Abundance coaching program.

IG // @marirobertslife

Adrenna Nicole

Adrenna Nicole

Adrenna is a Spiritual Educator and Body Deva Practitioner who supported me through my most recent season of spiritual doubt. Through a blend of guided meditation, intuitive inquiry, and inner child work, we were able to get to the root of where this doubt was stemming from and ask my smaller self what she needed to feel supported. If you are also in a season of spiritual doubt, are experiencing a spiritual-psychic awakening, or identify as an empath or surivior of trauma, I highly recommend booking a session with Adrenna.

IG // @intuitiveadrenna

Looking for more support? Browse our Collective of healers, teachers, and practitioners in every modality.

5 Tools for Navigating Spiritual Doubt

5 Tools for Navigating Spiritual Doubt

Written by Amy Terepka of Ground Water Healing

It is 100% completely natural and healthy to move through seasons of spiritual doubt. Like all of life, seasons are normal, important, and necessary. Contraction is necessary after a period of expansion in order to integrate and reassess.

Periods of spiritual doubt are important. They allow us to reassess what is aligned with our true inner compass. It is actually dangerous to never doubt our beliefs. It is only with doubt and questioning that we can find a more authentic and solid foundation that may be lying at a deeper level than we had previously accessed. The more we reassess, the more we become more fully aligned with our soul’s unfolding process.

So when spiritual doubt arises, it’s important to not buy into the thinking that something is wrong with you, as self-judgment and criticism will only exacerbate your current state. When I’ve gone through intense feelings of mistrust in life, in my beliefs, in my spiritual life, I always come back to the question, “what do I know I can trust in?” or “what do I know is true?”

A few years back, when going through a particularly trying time, the only answer I could honestly find to that question was, “there’s more to life than we know, and I can’t see the whole picture.” That was it. I didn’t trust in anything or anyone else. Not even myself or my own actions. Yet resting into that one piece of knowing was just enough to allow me to cultivate some semblance of trust and allow myself to feel held, even if held by the mysterious unknown.

Five of my favorite tools for navigating spiritual doubt:


1) Journaling

Journaling is crucial for helping to organize spun out thoughts that keep our minds hijacked. And free-writing helps us access deeper into our unconscious mind for places within us that need to feel seen or heard. Set the timer for 3-5 minutes and free-write – don’t allow your pen to stop moving – until the time is up. If you don’t know what to write, just simply write, “I don’t know what to write…” When we let ourselves hash out all the fears, and let our deep unconscious rise to the surface, we have more access to our personal spiritual truths.

2) Movement

Get in your body. Let yourself know what it feels like to be human on this earth. Set a timer for maybe 5-10 minutes and allow your body to move in any and all ways it feels like moving. You will get acquainted with your body, release energy, move emotion, and find your state shifting. You can always move for longer, but setting a time limit allows your resistant mind to get on board.

get into nature

3) Being with Nature

This is my primary go-to when all feels uncertain, lost, or unmanageable. Go out to where there are no other humans. Go off the trail, and into the woods. Sit with the sounds, smells, sights, and feels of the natural world. Breathe. Be still. Listen. Sit with your back against the solidity of a tree’s trunk. Ask a plant for advice. Or just feel how you are a part of this magnificent Earth.

4) Ceremony and Ritual

When we move into ceremonial or sacred space, we innately connect in to what’s wider than our individual lives. There are as many ways for ceremony to look as humans on this planet, so I only have a few pieces of guidance. First, make sure to set a clear intention for the ceremony (ie. my intention is to discover the places inside me that cannot trust right now).

Secondly, make sure the ceremony has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is often setting the space (creating a container), calling in any spiritual guides, and stating your intention. The middle is the place where the magic happens, where you open yourself to be informed, moved, guided, led. It can be a wander through nature, creation of artwork, journaling, being with the Earth, or truly, whatever you’re inspired to do, opening yourself to messages.

After the middle is complete, it’s time to end. The ending is where you close the space, thank the guides, yourself, the Earth, etc., and step back into everyday reality.


5) Offerings

Offerings are our chance to participate in the ongoing current of reciprocity that flows through all of life. Reciprocity allows things to stay in balance, and gives us the experience of being a part of more than our individual state. When we give, when we make an offering, we are finding ways to honor, even in the midst of darkness or uncertainty. Hope and trust become animated through our offerings.

These acts can be as simple or complex as you’re feeling called. It can be a simple smile of gratitude for the sun in the morning. A melodious hum to honor the rain. It can be a pinch of dried herbs accompanied by a prayer for the land. It can be an elaborate Earth altar or donating to a local shelter. Whatever it may be, what I know is that when I shift my mindset to one of reciprocity, everything changes. I find a sense of belonging in relationship with what’s wider than myself.

Looking for more tools? Sign up for our weekly wellness guide for regular inspiration in your inbox!

This post was written by Collective member Amy Terepka of Ground Water Healing. Amy helps her clients get in touch with the truth of who they are at their root through various modalities including bodywork, energy work, guided meditation or journey work, plant medicine, mind/body/spirit practices, and Soulful Embodiment Facilitation.

navigating season of spiritual doubt

How to Navigate a Season of Spiritual Doubt

It’s healthy to question the things we believe. Especially as we acquire new information and understandings of the world around us.

But what if these questions lead us into a spiral of doubt?

I’ve traveled down the staircase of suspicion many a time, and while I value my sense of curiosity and desire to fully vet and understand my beliefs, it can be a tedious exercise and sometimes challenging to pull myself back out of the hole.

The truth is, no one is immune to doubt. Not even spiritual leaders!

And when we are taking our first steps on a spiritual path and incubating our baby beliefs, it can be even easier for them to be squashed by an inner (or outer) critic.

So how do we navigate seasons of spiritual doubt? What are the practices we can use to support our spiritual development? How can we place our trust in a power greater than ourselves over and over again? What do spiritual teachers do when *they* are struggling?

Luckily, I know a Collective of inspiring individuals who can share some insights into these questions. Use the below answers to inspire, ignite, and motivate you during your own season of spiritual doubt, or maybe even spark a new spiritual revolution.

Allow Yourself to Have the Doubt

Part of how I navigate seasons of spiritual doubt is by allowing myself to have the doubt! I think by going through these cycles it allows us to reaffirm why we believe what we do, and why we do what we do. I also think that we go through seasons and cycles of our lives where things change.

If you asked me whether I believed in plant spirits 12 years ago would I say yes? Maybe. Now? Absolutely! Do I doubt my own belief in spirituality in this way and does it happen over and over? Yes, also absolutely.

Whenever I doubt, I go back to the practices that best support me to be able to do this work which is physical and spiritual well-being as well as engaging in regular spiritual practices.

To me, practice for development and trust is key. It’s like you don’t just eat a bowl of veggies once and consider yourself good for the next month, right? I do my best to do these practices regularly (not daily actually, so as not to make myself sick).

If you feel like you are trying and nothing is happening, just keep working on it. Try to trust your intuition more, and each time you do that you are also building spiritual trust that the things you are doing are good & right for you.

Angela Renzetti | Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Get Out Into Nature

The way I dance with spiritual doubt is getting out in nature – the biggest coherent field I know. I invite my doubt to walk with me in the woods. I know that Nature loves me and is very receptive and will respond compassionately to me so as I walk and dance with the doubt/the shadow I am open and receptive to messages from nature, the divine, my spirit.

It could be an animal, a plant, a sound, a human. I also return to my car with a greater sense of self, with clarity and with the knowing that I am loved and tended to. And the jewel that was embedded in the doubt has been understood and cherished.

Neave Karger | Animal Communicator

Ask: What Do I Know I Can Trust In?

It is 100% completely natural and healthy to move through seasons of spiritual doubt. Like all of life, seasons are normal, important, and necessary. Contraction is necessary after a period of expansion in order to integrate and reassess.

Periods of spiritual doubt are important. They allow us to reassess what is aligned with our true inner compass. It is actually dangerous to never doubt our beliefs. It is only with doubt and questioning that we can find a more authentic and solid foundation that may be lying at a deeper level than we had previously accessed. The more we reassess, the more we become more fully aligned with our soul’s unfolding process.

So when spiritual doubt arises, it’s important to not buy into the thinking that something is wrong with you, as self-judgment and criticism will only exacerbate your current state. When I’ve gone through intense feelings of mistrust in life, in my beliefs, in my spiritual life, I always come back to the question, “what do I know I can trust in?” or “what do I know is true?”

A few years back, when going through a particularly trying time, the only answer I could honestly find to that question was, “there’s more to life than we know, and I can’t see the whole picture.” That was it. I didn’t trust in anything or anyone else. Not even myself or my own actions. Yet resting into that one piece of knowing was just enough to allow me to cultivate some semblance of trust and allow myself to feel held, even if held by the mysterious unknown.

Amy Terepka | Bodyworker, Soulful Embodiment Facilitator, Earth Medicine Practitioner, & Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner

Currently in a season of spiritual doubt? Find support in our Collective and sign up for our weekly wellness guide for regular inspiration in your inbox!

20 Unique Gifts for Wellness Lovers

I’m going to be honest – gift-giving is not my strong suit. So I’m always in search of gift ideas that are intentional, meaningful, and beneficial for the receiver (no one wants to accumulate more stuff they’ll never use!). Gifts that are under the wellness umbrella seem to always check those boxes. And that’s why I’ve partnered with Monica at Head+Heart to compile a Wellness Gift Guide full of our favorites! Check them out below and feel free to send us an email if you need a personal recommendation.

From Hannah at Three Moon Collective:

1. The perfect bulk gift for friends, Breeze Holistic and Wild Heart Healing have collaborated on a run of “Tend” yuletide tincture with rose, lavender, holy basil, and rosemary to keep emotional, immune health, and boundaries tended to through the holidays and beyond! Sliding scale for a 1 oz bottle is $13 – 23 plus shipping, or Seattle locals are welcome to do no-contact pickups. Inquire by sending an email.

2. 1:1 Virtual crystal Reiki session with Yasmine of Crystal Wellness Company. Uniquely customized for your needs, Yasmine offers 3 options at different price points – some even include oracle readings and crystal gifts! Book one here.


Nourish Package from The Wildflower Kitchen

3. Gift a few nourishing meals to a loved one by purchasing one of The Wildflower Kitchen’s meal delivery packages! They offer three package options for new mamas, early postpartum and also offer a weekly Nourish Package that provides a soup, grain bowl and snack to feed 1-2 or supplement a family’s meals for the week. Browse the packages here.

4. Need a unique idea for a virtual holiday party? Book a group online wellness experience with our friends at Luv Collective and choose from a Tarot reading, Yoga class, or Astrology reading to make your holiday festivities a little more mystical. Explore your options here.

5. Instead of stocking stuffers, consider a Reiki tune-up from Luna the Gray! In just 30 minutes, you can have your energy gently rebalanced and be guided into a serenely calm state. Book a tune-up here.

6. From now until January 11, 2021, Micha Goebig is offering a special 3-session package, “Pin Down Your Priorities” for $300. The offer is meant to provide a taste of life coaching and support you or a loved one in doing only stuff that matters going forward. Inquire by sending Micha an email.

Breathwork Sesssion with Danielle Kurtz

7. For those who are ready for things to shift, consider booking a Breathwork Energy Healing session with Danielle Kurtz. An experience that helps you gain access to your own innate wisdom, this is the sweetest support I wish I could gift everyone I know.

8. If you’re looking for something to gift yourself this season, make it a Soul Talk session with Roe of The Slow Moment. Soul Talk is a method of Soul-based life coaching that empowers you on your journey of self-discovery. Discover and reconnect to your Soul’s purpose as we enter the New Year (I can’t imagine a better way to start 2021!). Your first session is free, book it here.

9. For the animal lovers in your life, an Animal Communication Session with Neave Karger is the perfect way to connect with furry friends on another level. Snag a gift certificate here. [Side note: I actually got this for my mom last year for Christmas and she loved it!]

10. And if you’re really not sure what to gift a loved one, get an Intuitive Gift Package from Maria Muñoz of Light Owl Healing and let her intuitively choose for you! Select your budget, share any details, and let Maria work her magic. [Side note #2: I did this for Mother’s Day this year and it was another homerun gift]

From Monica at Head+Heart:

1. As a wannabe herbalist, one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while was getting a personal herbal consultation from Sue at Unity Herbals. You’ll leave with herbal knowledge plus personal teas and tinctures to support your health. You can do this in person in Vancouver or virtually on Zoom. Sue’s teas make a lovely gift on their own; she’s famous for her caffeine-free chai!

2. The most fun, relaxing and restorative hair experience can be had via Yuko Turnbull’s Holistic Hair Ceremony, pictured above! She gives a great cut, plus a super-relaxing head massage with tuning forks, sound meditation, reiki and intention-setting. Unique, check!

Candles from Crystal Wellness Company

3. This candle + cloche found at Crystal Wellness Companyis a great mix of self care + luxe. Plus, it was featured in British Vogue. What I love most is that the owner Yasmine Decosterd infuses Crystal Reiki energy into the products she carries.

4. For aspiring meditators, and those into personal growth, the gift of a wellness program with a truly great teacher is a unique and personal gesture. I’ve done Mara Branscombe’s The Art of Ritual program and loved it. Other options: 30 Days of Soul Work for anyone who’s wanting to make space for their personal growth journey or Navigate Meditation, for aspiring meditators.

5. For anyone in your life who loves yoga and is equally into their personal growth, Lea Morrison’s inclusive membership includes yoga, trauma-informed coaching, yoga workshops, group coaching, stress management and mindfulness and meditation activities.

6. Someone on your list in transition right now? The gift of a Find Your Life’s Purpose Workshop is just the ticket. World-renowned yoga teacher Natalie Backman offers an embodied approach to helping people discover their life’s purpose; a perfect gift for anyone wanting clarity.

Gua Sha Spa Experience with Wildflower's Gretchen.

7. Unlike many spas, where you leave feeling there are things about your face that should be fixed, you’ll leave Gretchen at Wildflower in Port Moody and Leah at Innerland Beauty in Seattle feeling you’re perfect as you are, plus your skin will be glowing. Both of these holistic healers will be offering virtual tutorials and workshops soon.

8. A beautiful Supported Soul yoga mat, making your yoga practice even more appealing at home. The all-in-one mats have a great reputation.

9. For anyone with a pet with health issues, buy then a virtual Animal Reiki session with Dr. Priya Saklani. This isn’t advertised on Head + Heart, but Priya is the woman who brought animal reiki to India, and has started a movement to help animals via energy healing. Contact her via this link.

10. Meaningful time together. Whether it’s live (not likely) or virtual, you could book tickets to a breathwork meditation, moon ceremony, or inspiring talk about herbal health. Take a peek at our upcoming events to see if there’s anything you and your giftees would love. It doesn’t have to be expensive- there are many free options on the site!

Still searching for that perfect gift? Browse our Collective of service providers or shoot us an email at hello@threemooncollective.com to get a personal recommendation!

anti-diet culture

How to Quiet the Noise of Diet Culture and Tune In to Your Body

As a nutritionist, I get a lot of questions about diet culture – what the perfect diet is and what I think about the latest fad diet. My answer is always the same and you can scroll to the end of this post to read it (psst it’s probably not what you think).

Now, first of all, I just want to say that I get it. It’s tempting to seek out that quick fix or meal plan that will get you to your goals ASAP. And to think that the secret to being healthy is about eating perfectly and achieving your ideal pant size. I know this because I too used to have these thoughts.

I used to believe that if I knew all of the secrets to healthy eating – the best diet, the right portions, which oils to use – I’d reach my ideal weight, balance my hormones, glow from the inside out and be the best version of myself.

Through a variety of diets, obsessing about weight and learning more about nutrition I only seemed to be moving further away from the calm, glowing image that I was trying to achieve. Basically, I was stuck in diet culture!

Diet Culture Defined

If you haven’t heard about diet culture yet, I recommend checking out this blog post by Christy Harrison. Christy is a Registered Dietitian devoted to dismantling diet culture, which she defines as a system of beliefs that worships thinness and equates it to health and moral value. Diet culture isn’t necessarily about being on a specific diet, but rather caught up in the culture of dieting and putting massive amounts of energy into shrinking your body.

Freeing yourself from diet culture and eating more intuitively doesn’t mean that you’re “giving up on yourself”. Instead it’s about fostering a healthy relationship to food. And creating space for both the salads and the brownies. It’s about not letting a number on the scale determine your mood for the day, but instead choosing an outfit that your current body feels good in. And most importantly, it’s about creating a nourishing life for yourself that you actually enjoy.

Shifting away from diet culture takes a lot of time and effort because its messages are everywhere! I want to share five strategies that I use on a daily basis to quiet the noise of diet culture and actually tune into my own body.

1. Bring awareness to the grasp that diet culture has on you and your goals.

Recognizing and acknowledging diet culture is the first step to dismantling it in your own life. I recommend doing some exploration by reading and listening to a few experts on the topic. Here are some resources to help you get started:

2. Quit the numbers game

Diet culture tells us that we must shrink our bodies in order to be worthy and beautiful. However, fixating on weight will only lead you further away from tuning into your body’s needs. If you’re in the habit of weighing yourself daily or even weekly, I recommend taking a break — or better yet, throw out the scale altogether.

There are countless factors that come into play with weight from water retention to where you’re at in your cycle to the time of day you weighed in. So why let the number on the scale dictate your perceived success? Instead, create a habit of noticing how you feel in the morning and making a mental note of how you’d like to feel.

For example, if you wake up feeling bloated and sluggish, make a choice to start your day with a large glass of water, a walk and a healthy breakfast. My guess is that you’ll continue into your day feeling a whole lot better than if you would have just hopped on the scale.

3. Less judgment more curiosity

When it comes to changing your habits around food and leaning into a healthier and more intuitive way of eating, it’s all about putting your detective hat on and getting curious! Diets tell us to follow a strict plan and ignore our hunger cues and cravings. Then when we eventually feel deprived and binge, we feel guilt and shame. And the cycle goes on and on!

But what if instead we got curious about these cues and cravings and observed them without judgment? Take notice of your stress levels, your eating environment and what’s going on in your week. And then take action to nurture yourself. To get started, choose a mantra to go back to whenever you’re feeling guilt and shame about food:

I listen to my body and respond to its needs.
I choose to eat foods that will nourish my mind, body and spirit.
I allow myself to indulge without guilt.
I am in charge of what I put in my body

4. Determine your true food joys

Another reminder for you that dismantling diet culture is NOT about giving up on your health and wellness goals. It doesn’t mean that you should only eat pizza and candy bars. Or that salads are off the table forever. Establishing a healthy relationship to food is all about finding balance and discovering the foods that truly bring you joy and pleasure. And creating space for them!

So grab a pen and paper and brainstorm the foods that you consider to be your favorite indulgences. For me, fresh homemade bread, chocolate chip cookies, and dark chocolate will always have a place in my diet. But everyone is different! Truly think about what YOU love and make room for those things. This way you won’t feel deprived and tempted to grab the donut just because it’s there.

5. Create a habit of showing up for yourself

Ok, lean in because this is the KEY to it all. Making room for non-negotiable healthy habits on a daily basis is so important for creating lasting changes in your health and well-being. It all starts with recognizing diet culture and becoming more curious about your eating habits. However, without the daily practices of feeding yourself well, tuning in to your body and speaking to yourself with compassion and care, nothing will change. I recommend starting with one small shift at a time and slowing build up.

Here are a few ideas to try out:

  • Take 3 deep breaths before each meal
  • Cook 1 new recipe each week
  • Practice enjoying your favorite indulgence without guilt
  • Start each day with a 20-minute walk

Circling back to my promise to share my thoughts on *the perfect diet.*

Eating well is all about finding what truly works for you and your body. Eating foods that bring you joy and energize you. Being present at meals. I also believe that a healthy diet should flow into all aspects of life – how you connect with others, how you talk to yourself, how you feel in your body, and most importantly, how you show up in your life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this and invite you to comment below with one way that you’d like to quiet the noise of diet culture in your own life.

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Chelsea Fechtner is a Certified Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition who is on a mission to help the nurturers of the world learn to prioritize their own nourishment, one cozy home-cooked meal at a time!