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Lacey Smith, PNW Cosmetic Acupuncture & PNW Feng Shui



Lacey Smith

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui Consultant & Founder of PNW Cosmetic Acupuncture & PNW Feng Shui

I’m Dr. Lacey Smith (she/her). I am a doctor of acupuncture & Chinese medicine, licensed acupuncturist & eastern medicine practitioner in Washington, licensed acupuncturist & primary care provider in California, herbalist, and feng shui consultant. My medical practice is PNW Cosmetic Acupuncture located in the Hillman City/ Columbia City area of South Seattle. My feng shui services are PNWFeng Shui.

Eastern medicine: I specialize in cosmetic acupuncture, plant-based medicine, mood support (anxiety & seasonal affective disorder) and seasonal wellness. My tools are facial & body acupuncture, plant stem cells, vitamin injections into acupuncture points, microneedling,nanoneedling, cbd cupping, topical & internal herbal medicine, light therapy, and plant-based seasonal & constitutional dietary guidance. I am a practitioner of holistic, natural, individualized, evidence-based, plant-based medicine. I love what I do so much! I enjoy helping people feel and look their best. I believe cosmetic acupuncture is just as important as traditional body acupuncture. It is interconnected with the mind-body-spirit and really helps a person shine.

Feng shui: Most people think feng shui is just rearranging the furniture, but it’s so much more! I mainly practice flying stars form, but also consider intuitive, modern, & traditional forms. Feng shui is like Chinese medicine for the home- mixed with cartography, astrology, yin yang& 5 element theories. It involves a luo pan (traditional compass), yin yang direction, the ba gua (8 areas/trigrams), space clearing, arranging, and creating a map of the 5 elements in each gua of the home. Most people like to know what their personal feng shui element is, which color their front door should be, and which direction they should face the furniture for optimal sleep, finances, health, etc. Elements shift every lunar new year and can be easily balanced with a feng shui reset. Feng shui allows you to feel supported by your environment, and to restore natural harmonious qi flow to your space.

Chinese medicine & feng shui theories are intertwined and both use yin yang & the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, & water. For me, studying one naturally lead to the other. Collectively, the 5 elements represent seasons, directions, colors, shapes, emotions, foods, organs& qi flow.

I hold Bachelor, Master, & Doctorate degrees. I interned at UCSD Cancer Center, Mental Health Systems Family Recovery, and Hospital of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Beijing. I graduated UC Santa Cruz, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine/ Pacific College of Health & ScienceSan Diego, International School of Acupuncture Beijing, and International Feng Shui School San Diego. I’m a lifelong student and love learning new things!

I love being part of my community in South Seattle! You can find me volunteering at free health clinics and filling in when I can at CommunityAcupuncture Project. I’m an introvert, an empath, a voice for the animals, human rights advocate, feminist, photographist, eater of plant-based foods, world traveler, music lover and bookworm. I’m trying to be a better human every day. Everything is connected.


How to book:

Book online here or website: www.pnwacu.com
To book feng shui: lacey@pnwacu.com

Services offered:

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Microneedling
  • Nano needling
  • Acupuncture for Seasonal Balance & Mood Support
  • Plant Stem Cells &Serums
  • B-12 Injections
  • CBD Cupping
  • Light Therapy
  • Herbal Consultations


Rates vary widely between different services and packages.


  • Monday 10-6
  • Wednesday 10-6
  • Thursday 10-6

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