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Maribeth Stephens

Akashic Records Intuitive and Founder of Akashic Balance

Hi, I’m Maribeth. For as long as I can remember, I’ve explored different inner paths to try to reach my own understanding of spirituality. When I came across the Akashic Records in 2007, my resonance with them was immediate. I, like so many others, respond to the Akashic Records because they uniquely adapt to each person’s journey. The Akashic Records are gentle, thought-provoking, and revealing, all in service of offering a deeper understanding about relationships, patterns, and spiritual connection.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of spiritual consciousness that can:
• Bring your place of balance to light
• Connect the personal and the spiritual
• Illuminate balance and simplicity
• Offer a way to explore your deepest self
• Reveal your soul’s long wisdom so you can bring it into your everyday life
• Provide an empathetic understanding

A Brief Explanation of the Akashic Records

Understanding the Akashic Records starts with understanding that everything is energy. Your residence, your pet, your relationships, and even the organizations you belong to or work for. Your soul—that enduring, unending, abiding core of you—also is energy. As your soul moves through space and time, it creates an energetic record. This energetic record is your Akashic Record. An Akashic Records reading is a journey into the long wisdom of your soul to answer your current questions. An Akashic Records reading accesses your unique spiritual energy to help you understand your life from your soul’s perspective.

More Than a Library

A metaphor often used to explain the Akashic Records is that they are a library of information. Similar to going into a library, the idea is that you can step into the Akashic Records, select a topic like you’re pulling a book from a library shelf, and flip through them to find an answer. This is a very helpful explanation; however, at a library, there’s no changing the words in the book. That volume is static. It’s complete.

There’s another view that lends a deeper understanding of the Akashic Records. Rather than a warehouse of information where batches of static information are stored, the Akashic Records are pure, universal, infinite energy. Because your soul is energy, you are connecting with the flow of your own soul in an Akashic Records reading. And because spiritual energy flows and connects without limitations, your soul can connect with the energy of everything: past, present, and potential. The information that comes through your Akashic Records is from your soul and its connection to the flow of universal energy.

In the Moment, and So Much More

When you ask the Akashic Records a question, the information that flows to you is pertinent at the moment. Although the information is relevant and specific to you at the moment, the “aha moments” that arise during an Akashic Records reading can bring lasting impacts. The flow from your Akashic Records may reshape your ideas about what happened in the past, show you new paths, or open a vista you hadn’t known existed.

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How to book: Book online at https://akashicbalance.com/scheduling

Services offered:

Akashic Records readings (60, 45, and 30 minutes)


  • 60-minute consultation: $140
  • 45-minute consultation: $110
  • 30-minute consultation: $80


Tuesdays through Saturdays, by appointment

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Testimonials for Maribeth

I’ve known Maribeth for many years and she is a person with high integrity, wisdom, and emotional sensitivity. She has given me several amazing readings with perceptive insights that helped me understand the situations and people more clearly.

V, New England

The sacred practice Maribeth skillfully offers is done with grace, kindness, and clear understanding. After my time with Maribeth, I have referred family members and other friends to her and they also have been blessed with her Akashic Records readings. We have all departed with a positive, life-changing experience and a new knowledge of self.

KR, Seattle/Maui

I went into my first Akashic Records reading not knowing what to expect, but Maribeth quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was surprised by how accurate and specific the reading was and how illuminating it was in so many different areas of my life. Some of my intuitions about my life were affirmed, but there were also some surprising revelations to me—especially around my relationships—that made a lot of sense when I pondered the reading later in retrospect. I left the reading feeling like the universe had very literally nudged me in the right direction, and I felt a sense of peace about the areas I can focus my time/energy on to help bring me to the next stage of my life journey. The clarity, understanding, and non-judgement that Maribeth brought to the reading was a key part of the process for me, and I look forward to booking readings with her in the future!

KD, Seattle

As an intuitive myself, Maribeth’s gift of connection was immediately apparent. The words she chose and the images she described were so specific to me and what I needed to hear, and they brought me so much peace, understanding, and confirmation of my path. I received so much valuable information in this reading that I’m still mulling over and discovering new aha moments and connections. I would highly recommend working with Maribeth if you are in need of clarity, confirmation, or just want to learn a little bit more about yourself and how you’re walking through the world. Thank you Maribeth!

Hannah E, Seattle

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