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Brittany Marie Bertelsen, Blithe Mitrals


Brittany Marie Bertelsen

Multi-Hyphenate Visionary, Thought Leader, & Founder of Blithe Mitrals

Pathways for those crafting a grounded, magical life

Brittany Marie is a multi-hyphenate visionary, serving her community as a strategist, coach, podcaster, and designer. She operates in tandem with her company, Blithe Mitrals [ˈblīth ˈmī-trəlz] – building pathways for creatives, dreamers, and multi-faceted business owners to be seen, be heard, and take action in their big, beautiful lives. Her main areas of focus are on developing aligned business strategies, incorporating spirituality within your business practices, podcasting with purpose, and stepping into the person you are becoming.

If you’re wondering what a Multi-Hyphenate or Visionary is, here are some definitions.

Multi-Hyphenate – an individual who has several professions, skills, or modalities of service. They often have various passions that they actively pursue and practice within their occupation. Essentially they are generalists – but generalists with a specific purpose, philosophy, or mission.

Visionary a person with original ideas about what the future could be or look like. In other words, a psychic for the modern-day.

Working with Brittany Marie is like having a supportive friend by your side. Your goals become her goals, and she uses her intuitive gifts to help ideate possibilities that will transform your dreams into reality – a little cheesy, but very true. Consider it a natural talent. Instead of focusing on modalities of service, or particular types of offerings that you think you might need, she’ll have you reflect on your desires, your dreams, and your ‘why’ behind it all. You will be empowered to declare what it is that you want, given tools to go after it, and then guided through an aligned action plan.

Consider what that is – what it is that you want.

Do you want to get out of a business fog and launch off into intuitive, inspired action?

Do you want to escape corporate antics and merge spiritual consciousness within your business’s day-to-day?

Do you want to express your authentic sense of I and feel confident wherever you go?

Do you want to live an intentional life and wake up being fulfilled by the work you do?

Do you want to have a sense of balance and accomplishment, working smarter so you can play harder?

Do you want to step away from attention-grabbing techniques and acquire dream clients with ease?

Do you want to be seen, be heard, or take action?

These are the questions that Brittany Marie likes to explore with her clients. And here are her pathways that help you go for it.

BE SEEN – Before others can see you, you must first see yourself for who you truly are. In this pathway, you can learn how to manifest through your wardrobe, build a magnifying brand experience, and build beautiful, aesthetically driven designs that attract your dream clients.

BE HEARD – For others to listen to what you have to say, you must learn how to speak with purpose. This pathway is all about learning how to use your voice, helping you reach your goals in podcasting with purpose, creating meaningful and impactful content, and building a core ethos within your business and intentional life.

TAKE ACTION – To build your version of the big, beautiful life, your actions must vibrationally align. The most woo-rooted pathway, this journey can guide you to incorporate spiritual practices within the mundane, pursue and consciously flow in inspired action, build out a multi-passionate business, and revamp your operations to help you reach your aligned business goals.

THE MAGICAL REALNESS PODCAST – Brittany Marie, along with all her other intuitive hats, is the host of the Magical Realness podcast. Based in the belief that magic is real, potent, and rooted in choice. The aim of the show is to aid creatives, dreamers, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs with the awareness of the real-life magic that surrounds them so that they can live their version of the big, beautiful life. Rooted in the art of sympatico, she explores practicing spirituality within intuitive businesses, as well as embracing our true sense of self. And you can tune in wherever you get your pods.

To learn more, tune in to this podcast episode she was featured in on The Energetic Entrepreneur Podcast – Building a Multi-Hyphenate Business ft. Brittany Marie. She spills the tea on how she’s able to pursue her various passions and deliver big results to her clients and the Blithe Mitrals community.


How to book:

You’ve got options. You can email her, send her a DM on Instagram, or better yet – schedule a Clarity Session through her online scheduler. You’ll have 30 minutes to explore your needs and discover whether or not this is the right fit for you. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll walk away from the conversation with empowering takeaways.

If you’re not ready to work with Brittany Marie, but you could use her insight on podcasting with purpose or implementing an aligned strategy, feel free to book a Consult Gab. No strings attached. Same link. Just 30 minutes on you and making your goals into actionable steps.

Services offered:

Aligned Strategy Packages – after choosing a focus on business, branding, content, launching, or podcasting, Brittany Marie will create a done-for-you strategy plan that serves and supports your bespoke needs. Built in Notion as your online portal. ($450+)

Guided Coaching – based on the idea that to grow is to live, her programs are one part coaching, one part teaching. Program options are on practicing wardrobe manifestation, finding your North Star (your message and purpose), and becoming a multi-faceted entrepreneur. ($1,350)

Podcast Producing – using her unique podcasting style, podcasting with purpose, Brittany Marie supports a select range of shows to help her clients grow their communities and find ease in their content creation process. ($600+)

The Blithe Mitrals Magic Hour – consider this your monthly happy hour where you get to meet with like-minded dreamers, explore hot topics, and gab with intention. It’s low-key witchy and every get-together has a contest for an exclusive oracle reading with Brittany Marie. ($10)


Sliding Scale Based, ranging from $10 – $1,350

If you still feel like you can’t afford it, reach out. We’ll figure it out together.

Availability: as needed

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