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Christina Malecka


Christina Malecka

Creator & Founder of Screen Time Lifeline, Community Organizer, Mental Health Counselor

When was the last time you:
-Were quiet enough to hear your own voice?
-Connected authentically with yourself and others in real-time without networking or performing?
-Felt deeply rested and inspired?
-Got even one waking-hour long break from digital media or electronic communication?

Hi, my name is Christina and I have been a psychotherapist with 16 years, That means I’ve had a a front-row seat to the emotional impacts of smartphones on my clients: notably increased loneliness, anxiety, and alienation. In 2017, after my own transformative experience with digital fasting, I launched Screen Time Lifeline, which emphasize meditation, present-moment experience, social connection, and self-reflection.

Treat yourself to a day, weekend week of digital detox, deep self-care and mindfulness to…
-Learn how mindfulness is the opposite of distraction – and the key to a healthier relationship with technology
-Enjoy being held in community with opportunities to connect authentically with others
-Get Quiet Time for yourself for reflection and meditation
-Prioritize what brings you true joy and satisfaction
-Connect with nature in the breathtaking beauty of retreat locations like The Whidbey Institute and Sleeping Lady
-Break free from the social media hamster wheel and reclaim time for what really matters to you
-Set intentions and goals to stay electronically connected on your own terms – and unchain yourself from digital compulsion and over-use.

A community organizer turned Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Politicized Healer, I bring over 25 years of experience with change-making, group facilitation, mindfulness training, and workshop development. I love creating nurturing experiences to help people connect more deeply with self and others.

What People Are Saying:
“This is for everyone! Christina is super welcoming, knowledgeable, and creates such a sacred space. In just a little over 48 hours, you get the opportunity to foster deep authentic bonds with those who were just strangers days before. I highly recommend her work. It is timeless and imperative work in a society increasing in technology and noise. Thank you!”

“Please, please give yourself the gift of this retreat. One day felt like an eternity when I signed up — I was nervous about being with a small, intimate group for 8 hours. The experience absolutely shattered me in the best of ways. I felt comfortable, cared for and respected as soon as I entered the space. It was a fun, warm environment. Christina is knowledgeable, compassionate, funny, and so welcoming! Unplug for a day, enjoy yourself, and connect with others!”

“I feel like this weekend will serve as a great catalyst in helping me get back time to figure out what priorities mean the most to me”

My pronouns and she/her and I identify as white of Swedish descent, cis-female, femme and bisexual/queer. I live with a chronic illness that causes some physical disability.


How to book: On her website

Services offered: Small Group Programs, Retreats, Workshops and Keynotes

Rates: Vary greatly depending on location. From $600 for an all-inclusive weekend to $3,000 for an all-inclusive week. Day-long event and workshops range from $10 – $200.

Availability: Contact Christina any time to learn about upcoming events or co-create a Digital Wellness experience with me

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