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Esther Loopstra, Flow into Authenticity


Esther Loopstra

Artist, Educator, Intuition Coach & Owner of Flow into Authenticity

Hi, my name is Esther and I’m an artist, educator, and intuition coach. I offer one-on-one sessions and specialized workshops that allow individuals to tap into their inner knowing and potential so that they can manifest AMAZING things in this world. I help clients to distinguish between their intuition and logical brain and connect to their authentic selves. The logical brain speaks so much louder and it can often drown out intuition. I create a safe space to help people differentiate between the two and unlock the intuitive guidance that is always within them. I also address the mental blocks and deeper emotional healing so that they can reach their full potential. The result is a ripple effect of having a life with a higher potential to create endless possibilities, fulfilling opportunities, and live a life of flow.

I have a degree in Psychology and spent the past 15 years as a commercial artist, 9 years as an educator, while obsessively studying and teaching neuroscience, the creative process, intuition, mindfulness, and the psychology of FLOW. Two years ago I made a bold step. I decided to stop making decisions based on “the logical thing” or what I “should” do. I decided to ONLY do what my intuition told me. Scary, I know. But I love a good experiment.

What I discovered was fascinating. Once I was able to learn the language of my intuition and start to trust myself, manifesting actually became FUN and EASIER as I was able to get into a flow state. I was able to use everything that I had been teaching about neuroscience to train my brain out of my old beliefs and into thinking bigger. It feels like magic but there is a process to it.

And because I’m a teacher at heart, my passion is to share with you what I’ve discovered. My hope is to empower you to flow into your authenticity! Most people believe that creating a life you love has to be hard. But I’ve designed a process that allows you to tap into your inner knowing. Saving you time, money, and stress… allowing you to create with joy and play!


How to book: Book online at www.flowintoauthenticity.com/sessions

Services offered: I offer two types of sessions, Intuitive Life Sessions and Creative Breakthrough Sessions. In both sessions, I create a safe space to help you distinguish between your intuition and logical brain and connect to your inner knowing. I also offer specialized mentorships, workshops, and speaking opportunities around the topics of intuition, the flow state, creativity, and mindfulness.


Creative Breakthrough Session – $98

Intuitive Life Session – $130


Monday through Friday 11am – 5pm

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This session was something I had heard was possible, but never experienced it on this level. Not only was it healing, but gave me focus, comfort, and clarity in several specific areas of my life. Even problem spots. Not only do I highly recommend it, but I’d say if you’re in the art or creative field this should be a must. Esther’s moderation during this was perfect. It helps, I believe because she was able to orchestrate whether or not I was getting into my own head, which can be sneaky sometimes. Something that is very important to this process. I will return. Personally, I believe it is essential.


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