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Kristen Elliott

Soul Alignment Guide and Founder of Kristen Elliott Co.

Kristen is the founder of kristenelliott.co, a collection of online courses and programs that helps people “re-write their life prescription”. You know, the collection of ideas and labels we’re given growing up. By gently guiding people to get really, deeply intimate with themselves, they’re able to remember what sets their soul on fire. They come home themselves. And when you come home to yourself, everything is possible. Re-writing your life prescription is what takes a life from “fine” to HELL YES. kristenelliott.co is for anyone looking to live HELL YES every day. Kristen offers an 8-week in-person (Zoom) and virtual immersion and smaller workshops as well. In addition, Kristen is the visionary behind the Dying To Live podcast. Kristen is also an End of Life Doula. Her work with the living is based on the work she does with people at the end of life.


How to book:

Book online at kristenelliott.co/courses

Services offered:

  • Virtual and in-person (Zoom) immersions
  • Courses
  • Workshop


$111 – $1197


Each course, program, or immersion has varying availability.

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