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Amy Terepka, Groundwater Healing


Amy Terepka

Bodyworker, Soulful Embodiment Facilitator, Earth Medicine Practitioner, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, and Founder of Groundwater Healing

My practice focuses on helping you heal disconnection in order to stand fully and proudly in your body with a sense of ease, peace and empowerment. I believe healing comes from a deep knowing of the self, and I aim to open a connection to what’s happening within the physical and energetic body to allow healing on various levels. 
I help you heal what is keeping you separated from your authentic life experience. We get in touch with the truth of who you are at your root, and increase your sense of belonging within your own body. This happens through various modalities including bodywork, energy work, guided meditation or journey work, plant medicine, mind/body/spirit practices, and Soulful Embodiment Facilitation.

I am passionate about helping the world heal its deep wounds of separation, and I believe this begins with each of us healing what is disconnected within our own lives; where we are cut off from our full selves. I believe this is integrally intertwined with how we have disconnected from nature, the earth, and all other living beings. So a big part of my work is to inspire reconnection with the natural world on an intimate level.

When we become reconnected with ourselves, our deepest soul truths, and our bodies, we live from a place of integration and empowerment. Clarity, authentic joy, and deep-rooted knowing emerge. We walk with more confidence and ease in our bodies.

When we become reconnected with the land itself, we cultivate a true sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning. We become part of something larger than ourselves. We find humility and sense of place in the interconnected nature of all of life here on Earth. 


How to book: Online at GroundwaterHealing.com

Services offered:

  • Integrated bodywork and energy work
  • Soulful Embodiment Facilitation
  • Cranialsacral Therapy
  • Plant Spirit Medicine


  • $65-$120


  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Thursdays

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