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Mary Ann Stancel

Intuitive Energy Healer and Founder of The Ignited Soul

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer who is also a Registered Nurse. I have a mission is to provide a healing pathway for you to release stagnantor blocked emotions aka energy, so you can live your soul’s purpose and be aligned with your inner being.

I incorporate reiki, mindfulness breathing and meditations, card readings and movement into my healing services. Each modality helps you to connect to yourself even more, to discover what areas within your body, mind and soul you need further healing and release.

These sessions are created with you in mind, as we work together to find a way that would work best for you needs. During my sessions I focus on providing a relaxing environment, providing intuitive insights I receive, and where I share with you all the love and healing the universe has in stored for you. The goal is for you to walk away being one with your inner power and purpose, feeling relaxed and at peace, balance and making progress toward healing your trauma and body ailments. All with the goal of releasing blocked or stagnant emotions aka energy.

If you find yourself in a place of high anxiety, high stress, body ailments, seeking answers for your life purpose, wanting connection with your guides, pain in your body, heartache, or needing confidence, my sessions are a great way for you to receive healing.

Why I have focused on this?

Throughout my life, I’ve received energetic healing in many different ways and received spiritual messages as well. The more and more I got in touch with my inner being, the more I realized how connected my emotions were to my energy. When I started to release the emotions that were blocking the pathway for my energy to flow fully, I began to blossom into the being I’ve always was on the inside.

I’ve always believed in that there was more to life than what is in front of me. It took me time to discover what resonated with me. When I tapped into Reiki, card readings, prayers, and meditations to connect with my spiritual team, God, the Universe, and Angels my life being to align with my soul’s purpose.

Mentally and physically, my confidence rose, I felt empowered, I left abusive or trauma-filled relationships, I was able to bring peace into my life, calming to my aching heart, and diminish headaches and insomnia.

It is truly amazing when you can see and feel how energetically we are all connected and when we begin to create shifts within ourselves whatever the size; our lives begin to shift toward being aligned with the universes’ love more.

I love it when I see and can feel people feel empowered to live the life of their dreams and realize that they have the power to bring healing into their mind, body and soul. I’m a conduit to help with it, but truly you are able to heal yourself.

We all have different ways to provide healing and I believe there are multiple ways to achieve healing within our mind, body and soul. There is no perfect way. There is what works best for you in this moment in time.


How to book:

Book online at www.theignitedsoul.com/healing

Services offered:

  • Reiki
  • Card Readings
  • Mindfulness breathing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga


Weekdays and weekends

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