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Sterling Rung, Sterling Rose Art

Sterling Rung

Embodiment Photographer, Retreat Leader and Breathwork Instructor

Hi I’m Sterling – I am a graceful guide, artist and friend to all. I am here to shine beauty upon the overlooked and reveal precious truths from inner worlds. I give, serve and spread love through creativity and connection to oneself and the earth. I am a reminder of what it is like to feel whole and rooted. With this I offer virtual and in person sessions to support healing and explorations of self through breathwork, embodiment photography, nature immersion, energy work, retreats and courses. My goal is to bring people back to the simplicity and grace of nature, hoping to heal, inspire and empower individuals to feel strong and beautiful in their bodies – realizing that they too are a work of art. See below an outline of my current offerings:

Offering details:

Intuitive Photoshoot

Join me in the creative process and journey to reveal and capture your authentic nature. Experience a completely unique photoshoot session that incorporates nature immersion, breathwork, and embodiment movement. One of my specialty’s is making people comfortable in front of the camera, offering a very grounded experience. I do this through my intuitive gifts as well as mindful practices and breathwork. As a fine art photographer, I have the skills to capture unique perspectives, play with the nuance of natural light and accentuate you and your offerings with custom styling. Photoshoot Shoot Packages:
  • LIFESTYLE EMBODIMENT: An expressive shoot highlighting your essence through embodiment photography. A perfect option for headshots, senior portraits, self reflection work, or creating content for your social media presence.
  • BRAND EXPRESSION: A session honoring your values, authentic expression and story of your business. A perfect option for creating a look book, promoting a new launch/rebrand, or creating content for your social media presence.
  • LOVE CONNECTION: A couples shoot celebrating love and new milestones with a focus on connection, expression and adventure. A perfect option engagements, unique date nights, or creating images to cherish and share with loved ones.


Connect within to heal and find yourself through breathwork, EFT Tapping, energy work and meditation. Learn to trust your inner guidance, heal emotional and energetic wounds, reduce anxiety and boost your creativity. Trained in various breathwork techniques from Wim Hof to traditional Pranayama, each session I offer is tailored to the individual or groups needs. Breathwork Packages: 1:1 Mini Reset Session (30min) 1:1 Full Session (60min) In Person Private Group Session Build Your practice Program (5 week 1:1 course)


I love to engage in the sacred container of a retreat where we come together in community to resonate in expression, release, healing and creation. I hold ceremony and offer retreats from an afternoon in the PNW to a week away in Mexico or Hawaii. Stay tuned here for upcoming retreat offerings:


How to book: Fill out my booking form here: www.sterlingroseart.com/book Services offered:
  • Intuitive Photoshoot
  • Healing Landart
  • Editorial Photoshoot
  • Breathwork Healing
Availability: By appointment Website | Instagram | Email

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Sterling is the most wonderful photographer. Our first shoot together we hiked a trail to a river. I am not the most athletically inclined and I have a fear of heights to boot, but Sterling held my hand when I was nervous, and even found spots along the way to take some pictures. She has such a calming presence I instantly felt at ease with her. She was open to ideas but also had a solid concept in her mind. She always noted the details; whether my hair was out of place, or fewer ferns were needed. Spending the day tree bathing and sitting with my feet in the water was so restorative and brought me so much peace. I knew I definitely wanted to work with Sterling again. The finished photos were extraordinary. She really has such an eye, and such a gift for capturing an interesting shot. When I looked at the photos of me, in the woods, I thought, “I look like art.” And any photographer who can make her model see that in a photograph is an incredible artist.


Sterling was a wonderful person to shoot with. It was my first time shooting so I was nervous to say the least, but Sterling did an amazing job making me relaxed and reassured. She respected my boundaries and never asked me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with, all while effectively communicating her artistic vision. She gave good direction on how to pose in a way that mimics the natural surroundings, so the whole process felt effortless and enjoyable!


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