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Emily Wittenhagen

Nutritionist, Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Sound Therapist & Founder of Breeze Holistic

I am a certified nutritionist, herbalist, hypnotherapist, and sound therapist offering whole-person care that brings in nutrition and herbal support, hypnotherapy, and sound and forest bathing to help clients with the focuses below. I founded Breĕze Holistic with the mantra of trusting in traditional medicine to offer simple, powerful ways of healing. I love to work with people who are looking for alternatives or complements to Western medicine, and are interested in being holistically well.

My hope is always to help you feel whole as a physical and energetic being. My wish is for you to feel the way you do when you walk into a forest — calm, free, and full of possibilities, in your body, mind, and spirit.

Education: Master’s in Nutrition and Integrative Health (concentration: herbal medicine) from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, Community Herbalist Certification from the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, trained in hypnotherapy by the Wellness Institute.


How to book: Book online at https://breezeholistic.com/appointments


  • MOOD & MENTAL HEALTH: Mental wellness and mood balancing for those facing anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, OCD, ADHD, or other feelings of mental or energetic unrest. 
  • DIET & DIGESTION: Gut wellness and digestive balancing for those experiencing IBS/IBD, Candida/Yeast Overgrowth, Acid Reflux/GERD, Crohn’s, food intolerances, or unknown issues causing digestive discomfort.
  • BODY NEUTRALITY/ACCEPTANCE/POSITIVITY: Exploring, healing, and elevating the relationship with one’s body for those who tend to body dysmorphia, disconnection, and self worth struggles pertaining to the body itself or its deservingness to heal and be appreciated.
  • FOOD NEUTRALITY/ACCEPTANCE/POSITIVITY: Exploring, healing, and elevating the relationship to food for those who feel a disconnected, confused, or complicated relationship with food and showing by example the power of food as a source of medicine, nourishment, and joy. 
  • CONNECTIONS: Exploring connections like the food-mood connection, the gut-brain axis, and possible or unexpected correlations between symptoms and their solutions. 


  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Herbal Consultation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sound Bathing
  • Forest Bathing


Accessibility is sacred to me, so rates are meant to be inclusive for all income levels, and always sliding scale. The main thing is that you get the support you need without it being a burden. I especially like to reserve lower rates for those who need it most, so if you can swing a higher rate, know that your doing so creates more opportunity for communal support. And if you’re someone who finds yourself in need of that lower rate, do not hesitate for a second! 


Testimonials can be seen here: breezeholistic.com/testimonials


I am currently taking clients virtually by video and phone, and periodically offering virtual group hypnosis and sound bathing via Light Owl Healing. To book a virtual visit, visit the appointment page.


All care is 100% confidential, collaborative, trauma-informed, inclusive, and rooted in acceptance, with clients ultimately in charge of the direction of all conversations and care plans.

Healing comes from within and for me, to be trusted in helping people access that is a gift. My goal is to help people identify the origins of concerns at the source, strengthen their relationships to their bodies and themselves, and develop the ability to tune into and trust their own intuitions. 

All races, ethnicities, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, bodies, neurotypes, people, and plants and animals for that matter! are welcome here. Intolerances are not. 

I am dedicated to upholding a practice centered firmly in empathy and in continuing to learn and unlearn through the lifelong process of evolving as a human and a provider. 

To me, healing work and justice are intrinsically entwined. Health itself is a justice issue. The right to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing should never be exclusionary. As I see it, any work meant to support fellow humans in this endeavor should be rooted in these rights being made accessible to all, and grown in the idea that no one is free until all are free. 

I firmly believe that seeking a better quality of life is an act of love not just for you, but for the world around you. We each have a powerful impact on our surroundings, and in this way, healing is both a selfless act of justice and a radical act of self-respect.

It’s not always easy to feel safe or confident in seeking out healing. I want you to know you are safe here. My honor lies in being trusted as a space holder, ally, guide, enthusiastic advocate, and even a simple sounding board through your healing process.

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