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Chelsea Spicer

Yoga Teacher and Creator of Luna Rasa Yoga

I founded Luna Rasa as the manifestation of my love for yoga, ritual, and the moon. I wanted to help people connect to the lunar cycle and up-level their home yoga and self care practices. I work with people one on one and in groups for 3 months at a time in Lunar Yoga Circles. One of the cornerstones of my programs is Lunar Yoga, a style of yoga I created to be the thematic and physical embodiment of the lunar cycle.

I think that we, as a society, spend the majority of our time in a space of yang energy- effort, striving, competition, and doing; to balance this, I create a space for people to integrate more yin qualities into their lives- receiving, restoration, abundance, compassion, and connection.

Luna Rasa programs include group Lunar Yoga classes and moon circles around the New and Full Moons, as well as independent work during the First and Third Quarter phases, to connect with the moon, your body, your inner Self, and a community of people who are committed to raising their vibrations and supporting one another’s journeys.

My Lunar Yoga teaching methodology draws from the yogic schools of Vinyasa and Yin, as well as Ayurveda, tantric philosophy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and astrology. My teaching style is accessible, holistic, and comprehensive: I speak to and cultivate the experience on the level of the physical body as well as the mind and heart. I believe that each individual is already whole; I am simply here to help remind you of the light that already shines from within.


Services offered:

  • Lunar Living One-on-One Mentorship
  • Seasonal Lunar Yoga + Moon Circles
  • Moonchild Teen Girls’ Circle

How to book: email www.lunarasayoga.com or chelsea@lunarasayoga.com to schedule a call

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