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Eric & Adrienne Rabena

Yoga Teachers, Energy Healers, Health & Wellness Coaches, Creators & Facilitators of The Craft of Teaching Yoga

The Craft is a registered yoga school and an evolving dialogue between artistry, yoga philosophy, reality, and self-reflection. Employing yoga’s rich history alongside practical teaching methodology, the Craft empowers trainees to lead a creative, musical, and meaningful vinyasa flow.

The Craft enrolls practitioners to be an active participant on the mat, and in their lives, with expanded self-awareness, purpose, and presence.

We explore four overarching themes that guide us through the training experience. These meta-concepts enrich our relationship with ourselves and our interactions with everything in our lives. Through the felt experience of each concept, we increase our capacity to lead as yoga facilitators. We awaken, we flow, we expand, and we integrate.

We emerge from this training transformed, yet closer to our selves than ever before.


How to book: using this link.

Services offered: 200 RYT training, 500 RYT training, workshops, retreats, mentorship, and online resources

Availability: as needed

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