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Katia Durand, Jade River Healing Arts, Roots Community Acupuncture, & Bodhicitta Healing Center


Katia Marwah Durand

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

I’ve been an acupuncturist and herbalist in my private practice, Jade River Healing Arts for 19 years. I still very much LOVE what I do! It is such an honor & gift to be able to work with others so intimately on their healing journeys. I’ve studied and trained in many different spiritual and healing traditions and incorporate what I’ve learned into my sessions. Hence, my sessions are infused with spirit and ‘root cause resolution’ exploration. I am a heart centered listener, explorer, guide and practitioner of the wisdom teachings. I am a preferred provider on many insurance panels, and as such I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse variety of clients.

I’ve owned and operated Bodhicitta Healing Center in lower Queen Anne since 2006. We are a multi-modality clinic practicing integrative healthcare with Heart! Our center is in a gorgeous house turn of the century house. It offers a warm, peaceful and sweet healing vibe to everyone who walks in the doors. I am looking for a couple new practitioners to join us in private practice. Feel free to pass my info along to any amazing practitioners you may know!

Bodhicitta Healing Center is going through an exciting creative re-birthing! We are opening up our community spaces to folks who’d like to offer workshops, small yoga classes, reiki circles, ceremonies, sound baths, breathwork, house concerts, art shows, etc…My vision is to rebirth it from a solely private practice space to a thriving community hub for healing, growth, transformation and the arts. I’d love to collaborate with others on this project. Connect with me if this speaks to your heart!

Lastly, I recently began Roots Community Acupuncture clinics at Bodhicitta. I am offering ‘pay what you can’ between $25-$55 for each acupuncture session. Making this medicine available to folks who cannot afford insurance or have a high deductible. It is my vision to build a strong foundation for Roots & go non-profit with a ‘Global Project’ arm. The proceeds from the Seattle clinic will support free mobile clinics in rural villages around the world that are lacking access to healthcare.


How to book: 

  • For private sessions text, email or book online at this link
  • For community-style acupuncture text, email or book online at this link
  • For private practice office rental or event space rental text or email

Services offered:

  • Acupuncture (private practice and community-style options)
  • Herbal, supplements and life guidance
  • Moxa
  • Cupping
  • Sound Therapy


I accept insurance in my private practice. Community rates are $25-55. Space rental varies.


Private Practice Mon-Friday Community hours vary throughout the week and Saturdays. I’m currently seeing some folks for community rates during private practice hours as needed. The healing center has varied days available for rent.


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