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Trista Dedmon

Personal Astrologer, Mystic Mentor & Owner of Trista Dedmon Astrology

Astrology is an archetypal language that gives soul-level context to your deepest yearnings, as well as to the events that are occurring in your life. My approach to this esoteric practice is part technique and part intuition.Through natal chart readings and transit reports, I provide support, encouragement, and guidance for your powerful role in a new paradigm.

I consider this process to be sacred, and create a compassionate container for the uncovering of your true nature. You will leave a reading with a rich understanding of your inherent motivations, and the needed confidence to make decisions for your life from a place of deep alignment.

The aim of my work is to make Astrology an ongoing part of your wellness practice, and debunk the superstitions that still exist around what it is. I am not a foreteller or psychic, but a compassionate partner to the exploration of your inner world. I believe that a new paradigm is created when we all become our most whole and sovereign selves.

My vision for our collective future is one where all humans are vital in their pure essence, confident in their inherent gifts, serving themselves and the greater good.

I am a champion for the unique spark held inside everyone that, if tended to, will lead to their most empowered being. Ancient wisdom can help us design this new reality, together.

I provide virtual natal chart readings via Zoom and personalized transit readings via email for ongoing guidance. I also provide a monthly AstroForecast for email subscribers to help you navigate the transits of each solar season.

We’re in this together.


How to book: Book online at https://tristadedmon.com/astrology-readings

Services offered:

  • Natal Chart Readings
  • Transit Reports
  • Monthly Guidance Subscriptions


  • Signature Natal Chart Reading: $125


I offer both virtual and in-person readings at Bodhicitta Healing Center.

  • Virtual: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • In-person: Thursday, Friday

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Testimonials for Trista

“My astrology session with Trista was very unique. I felt like I was on the edge of something, and with Trista’s loving guidance and open-nature, I was able to arrive upon some profound self-realizations. I felt safe in her presence to do some “dot-connecting” on thoughts and feelings that had been stirring within my soul. I left the session feeling refreshed, aligned, and empowered. I’d highly recommend Trista for any soul seeking clarity within a safe, inviting, yet exciting container.”

Kelly Roland

“Trista is a magnificent soul with powerful wisdom that can change the course of your life, and yet she delivers it all in a very grounded and practical way. Whether you are familiar with Astrology or not, a reading with Trista will allow you to see the truth of who you are more clearly than ever before. Her guidance came to me at a critical point in my life, and proved to be the final key I needed in order to own who I really am and step into my power.”

Emily Walter

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