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Aga Lawrynowicz

Certified Life Coach & Founder of Choose Clarity

My name is Aga Lawrynowicz and I am a certified Life Coach with a passion for supporting mothers. I was born and raised in Poland and I left my country in 1998 for what I thought was a one-year scholarship in Germany. I never returned to Poland and I’ve lived in a few more countries since then.

I hold an MSc in Geology and Paleontology and I spent over 10 years working in the oil and gas industry. For the first few years, I worked as a field engineer on oil rigs and then became a petrophysical consultant. Since I was the first person in my family with a college degree, this career was a big deal for me. Working in an international environment was also very adventurous and it exposed me to a variety of cultural backgrounds. At the time my career was a huge part of my identity.

When I met the love of my life, we decided to start a family and this brought me to the US. The transition to a new continent wasn’t as hard as the transition to motherhood. I tried staying at home with my baby as well as returning to my consulting work, but none of these brought me a sense of fulfillment. My children and family automatically became my highest priorities and I wasn’t willing to compromise on that but on the other hand, I longed for a mission that was independent of motherhood. I missed being intellectually engaged and having a sense of personal power.

After hitting rock bottom I spent several years on self-study, research and experimenting with different modalities and strategies to broaden my self-knowledge.

After my second child was born I discovered mindfulness. It was a revelation to me! My meditation teacher invited me to join her mindfulness teacher training for teens. It was a deep experience that led me to discover my passion for empowering mothers.

I have found motherhood to be the most profound, meaningful, and challenging transition in my life so far. My journey helped me realize that many mothers struggle with it, too.

For many, the transition into motherhood represents a time of intense instability, self-doubt and turbulence as our lives, priorities, and sense of self get turned upside down. And there are not many resources focused on supporting mothers through these challenging times.

I was motivated to bridge the gap and I became a certified life coach. Through my work, I help mothers find clarity and embrace their new identity. I support them in integrating professional experience and motherhood as well as in maintaining their individual identity independent from motherhood. Mothers typically struggle with lack of time and their daily responsibilities are overwhelming which makes it hard to focus on their personal development. I support moms in finding small ways to connect with themselves, find self-compassion and wholeness.

In my coaching practice, I incorporate mindfulness techniques, promote elevated self-care, ask many open-ended questions, and I help my clients to access their inner wisdom.

My pronouns are she/her/hers and I identify as cis-female.


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