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Brittany Marie Bertelsen, Blithe Mitrals


Brittany Marie Bertelsen

Life Mastery & Wardrobe Coach, Founder of Blithe Mitrals

Hello, beautiful!

I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re willing, I’d love to dive in deep with you. Let’s jump in.

My Work and My Why

My M.O. in my work is liberating individuals from the traps of comparison culture. Although this is carried through primarily with my clients, it doesn’t just live there. Anyone who comes forward with an open hand, I want to help lead them to their authentic freedom.

As with anyone who follows their purpose, there are many reasons why I have taken this path. And my coaching is truly just the beginning. I have a myriad of things in the lineup, which means my purpose stretches beyond this space. It’s a gift that fills me to the brim, abundantly flowing joy and freedom into my life. I know it’s possible to carry this gem in your pocket no matter where you turn. Because I live that truth today. And there lies one of my why’s – I want you to live it, too.

My purpose, simply, is to live in the art of sympatico and help others do the same: the energy I use to serve myself expands outward and then serves my self-defined community, which reflects back to me thus creating an endless flow of evolving energy that encourages wholesome, fruitful, and worthwhile living. I believe this is the key to living.

And if your time is spent worrying about how others will portray you, how can you show up for that awesome treasure of genuine connection with those you adore?

How You Can Work With Me

I believe strongly in the power of life coaching. I have one or two myself. And at this time, I’m not sure I can see myself without having one at my side. There’s never an ending to personal growth and expansion. Maybe when I’m 90 I’ll cut back. But for now, I’m full steam ahead. And that reflects the way that I coach. I’m all about being upbeat, having a blast, and doing it together.

What I find to be most effective are results-focused programs. I have three:

  • Igniting Self-Empowerment: a 3-month long (12 sessions) life mastery coaching program that’s all about connecting to your authentic self, allowing yourself to embrace the opportunities and treasures that call your name.
  • Achieving Wardrobe Liberation: a 4-month long (16 sessions) wardrobe coaching program that’s centered around dressing for the authentic you so that you never feel self-conscious again, while having a blast curating a brand new wardrobe without having to spend a penny.
  • Becoming Your Own Visionary: a 6-month long (26 sessions) life mastery coaching program, which is a more extensive version of Igniting Self-Empowerment, that holds a space of both creation and implementation for the aligned life that fulfills you.

My 1-on-1 coaching sessions can be held in my cozy working studio at my home located in Beacon Hill, a lovely coffee spot, or through google hangouts. We have got options, my friend.

I also offer email coaching packages. These are perfect for those who are on the go and want to explore specific elements in their life that can be thoroughly and extensively journeyed through an email or two.

  • A package of 3 – $60
  • A package of 10 – $160

Want a Download?

I also podcast. If you’d love to get the juicy details, check out the new Blithe Mitrals podcasts:

Spiritual Bitches of Seattle – If you are wanting to expand your spiritual community in the Seattle area, whether it’s about that woo or that self-alignment, this podcast is all about meeting the beautiful women of Seattle who are looking for the same thing. I’d love to introduce you to them – they are fab!

Fruitful Living – This is my solo podcast, where we’ll dive in deeply through actionable steps, books, & conversations that help you bare a fruitful lifestyle in which serves you. I strategically craft seasons by specific topics so that we can get the full picture of implementation, and I can meet you week by week on your growth and elevation in one concentration.

We’re Trying to Be Better – I meet weekly with my gal pal, Becky Brown, and we dish our rocky journey into Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. You’ll definitely hear a unique and authentic perspective on how we’re finding the text serves us.


How to book: using this link.

Super simple, super easy: Go to my website, or follow the link above, and fill out an application! It should take you no more than 20 minutes – it’ll be a fabulous opportunity for you to get aligned and clear on what you’re wanting to bring in through this relationship, as well as in your life. At the end of the application, you’ll book a Clarity Session and it’ll take off from there!

If you are wanting to purchase an email coaching packet, just reach out below and we can make it happen!

Services offered:

Niche Life Coaching through 1-on-1 and email coaching packages.


Sliding Scale Based, ranging from $50 – $75

If you still feel like you can’t afford it, reach out. We’ll figure it out together.

Availability: as needed

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