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Describe what you do and also WHY you do it

I am a life and business coach. What that means is that I help people rewire their lives so that they are the creators of their own abundance, happiness, and success. I love helping people turn their dreams into reality. Watching them tear up at the beauty of their own agency and power as they live the life of their dreams is what lights me up to no end!

What is your methodology and style?

The kind of work I do is very honest, provocative, abundant, and intuitive. I call it soul work because that’s the part of you that I help you ignite and listen to more diligently.

When did you know that this is what you wanted to do? How did you discover it?

I had built a life that looked really good on paper but inside I felt stunted, invisible, and unhappy. I secretly yearned for more. I wanted a life where I knew I was contributing to something greater, fulfilling my potential, and helping people. After I had profound success as a coachee, I knew I wanted to help others transform their lives in juicy and monumental ways. This work has been the whole package and I absolutely love what I do.

What do you wish other people knew about what you do?

I think everybody deserves a life coach. We are not consciously taught about the things that make life so delicious and worth living – happiness, love, sex, money, worthiness, thriving – so this is one way we can begin to define on our own terms what we want these to look like in our life. Coaching is uniquely designed to help you claim your power and live THAT life. Michael Phelps, the most incredible swimmer in history, has a coach. He has won 28 Olympic Medals and still understands that effective support and feedback are NECESSARY to help him excel,  improve, and create the results he desires. We can all learn from the extraordinary. They all have coaches or mentors that have helped them tap into their greatness and learn to express it.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

The most rewarding part of what I do is watching people’s lives transform right under their feet at their most wonderful desires become a reality. Whether it is health and vitality, calling in fulfilling romantic relationship, creating robust financial prosperity, building the career or business of their wildest dreams, creating a high vibe community or tribe, or learning how to fiercely and powerfully love themselves to pieces, people often have no idea how capable they are of creating exactly what they want. I get to watch people transform into that “someday version” of themselves that they secretly crave to be but that always seems to live somewhere in the future. I help them bloom into that person today and reap all the juicy, wonderful results and feelings and relationships that that entails.

How could someone’s life benefit from what you offer?

I believe everyone should have a life coach. I have one and always will. This work is an opportunity for you to re-write your story in a way that is fun, successful, meaningful, and REAL. If there is anything that you want that you don’t currently have, a good life coach can help you make it a reality much faster. I don’t think I am the coach for everybody, and that is part of the beauty. There are so many avenues to access your greatness, but if you vibe with me, then let’s get this party started!

Here are just some of the things my clients have created and attracted during our work together: new clients galore, multiple 6 figure growth in wealth, taking their dream career full time, transitioning into more fulfilling work and career paths, finding and partnering with soulfully aligned business partners, quintupling their annual income, 5 companies launched/bought and thriving, prosperous entrepreneurship in the first year, healing relationships with family members, freedom from toxic relationships, reclaiming and rewriting their love story, improved health and fitness, deeper marriages and more expressive intimacy with partners, masculine/feminine energy integration in life, love, and work, navigating divorce kindly and lovingly, clarity around big life decisions… need I go on!? This work is truly revolutionary and if you want it, all you have to do is give yourself permission to jump on a phone call to explore!

What inspires you?

At the onset of my work with a client we create a vision for what they want to create in the next year and every single vision is unique, beautiful, and ultimately accessible. People usually want really wonderful things for themselves and others and I get to be their co-pilot as they usher a new, more abundant, normal into being. I get to see the world become a more beautiful place everyday and that keeps my soul replenished and activated to keep on keepin’ on!

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Testimonials for Theora 

All I had for my business was the name and a vision, but no idea how to articulate this vision or make it a reality. I had recently returned home after leaving my corporate job and traveling for a few months, and I was in desperate need of a mentor or guide to help me navigate starting a business and working for myself.

The past 6 months have been filled with realization, growth, and clarity thanks to Theora’s coaching. Every time we identified and cleared an obstacle in my personal life, my business also grew and jumped forward. Working with her on a consistent basis helped me to forge ahead and scale in a way that would have taken me forever to do on my own (AND it was way more fun). Now, I have an established business that is making money, putting on successful events, creating community, and becoming known in the Seattle wellness world.

Maybe you think you don’t need a coach, or you can handle this all on your own. Trust me, you are still the captain of your ship and you are on your way to your destination, but working with Theora is like having the raddest co-pilot throw a party on your boat and then put rocket fuel in the engine. You will achieve your goals faster and enjoy the process more by having Theora as your coach. I can’t say enough good things about this woman, let her change your life and your business!

Hannah Exner

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