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I’m Grace. My passion is helping you find what inspires you to be whole and happy – to be the most you. I offer two distinct areas of coaching: Relationship + Intimacy Coaching and Spiritual Growth + Life Coaching

I’m passionate about Relationship + Intimacy Coaching because transforming my sexuality into a conscious part of my life has changed me in unbelievable ways. I’ve gone from being afraid to ask for what I want or honestly share my sexual desires to being fully empowered in asking for and giving the orgasms I want, surrendering deeply in love with my partners and sharking honestly about my sex life with complete strangers. I’m more grounded when I feel triggered or defensive. I can speak my truth while clearly and kindly expressing my needs and desires. And I’m able to use my conscious and unconscious mind to manifest what I really want, not the repetitive, habitual thoughts that used to keep me stuck.

Intentionally connecting with my own intimacy and sexuality has caused so much growth in myself and my spirituality that sometimes I hardly recognize the person I used to be. I’ve studied and taught around the world and combined 15 years of embodied practice in Tantra, yoga, Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness, facilitation, authentic relating, music, drama, movement and the arts, and holistic education to create Be Whole Be Happy, a supported path for you to uncover the happiness that is your birthright.

As a spiritual growth + life coach, we start with the understanding that you are infinite and you can do anything. We work from the premise that learning how to be with more presence and awareness leads the way to doing with more presence and awareness. What this feels like is bringing all the parts of you – your body, emotions, mind and heart – into everything you do. Not only that, but you’ll start feeling more calm, centered, trusting, and compassionate every step of the way. This work is messy and fun, sometimes a little scary, and always connecting.

For me, this journey is about finding the balance between presence and surrender throughout my whole day and learning to never sacrifice my personal self-expression for what someone else wants or thinks. I’ve learned that every experience can be a teacher if I am open to receiving the message and learning from my mistakes. Not only does this help my own attitude towards life, but it has a profound impact on my intimate relationships, my family connections and learning to trust my intuition. I’d love to show you your unique path to becoming Whole and Happy.


How to book: www.bewholebehappy.com

Services offered: Relationship + Intimacy Coaching, Spiritual Growth + Life Coaching

*Free 30 minute intro call

Rates: $150-$250 (sliding scale) for a 2-hour coaching session

Availability: Wednesdays and Fridays

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