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Kyla Hokulani Graham


Kyla Hokulani Graham

Hormonal Health Coach for Teens

My name is Kyla Hokulani Graham. I have a Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My main focus is helping teenagers manage hormonal issues.

Not too long ago, I was dealing with a lot of hormonal issues myself. I was underweight, addicted to exercise, and obsessing about keeping my calories under 800 a day. I was already in a delicate time of my life, when hormones are irregular. It was very easy for me to completely destroy my hormonal health. I lost my period for over two years and ended up developing chronic Appendicitis. This type of damage to the body’s hormones can be onset by not only disordered eating, but also by stress, birth-control, exercise, food and more.

Maintaining hormonal balance is so important, especially for teens and young adults. This is why I strive to help teens, young adults, and parents work together to support each other and discover new and fun ways to get and stay healthy.


How to book: On her website

Services offered: 1 on 1 coaching, Parent(s) and Teen coaching, Family coaching

Rates: $99.50-249.50 per session

Availability: As needed

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Testimonials for Kyla

Kyla has a passion for

Kyla has a passion for hormones. Although that sounds a little odd, hormones are no joke. So you want someone who spends her time learning about it and utilizing that knowledge every day. I have had issues with PMS for ages, and her cycle syncing advice truly helped calm the frustrating knee-jerk reactions that PMS used to bring on. Anyone looking for new ideas and wanting to get in tune with their bodies should look to Kyla for coaching.


Kyla helped SO much.Her calming

Kyla helped SO much.
Her calming and kind energy paired with the depth of her personal knowledge were the recipe for positive change! After our session I walked away with renewed confidence.


Kyla is easy to talk

Kyla is easy to talk to and kind in her approach to helping you!
She is knowledgeable about shopping for food, and food preparation. Kyla is not judgmental, and is extremely helpful. I was very happy I
had the opportunity to work with her.


I had Kyla come and

I had Kyla come and give me an evaluation of where I could be more attentive with my health.
We sat and talked about my goals and main concerns, but she took into account our family as a whole and this was so appreciated.
Before ending our session Kyla was enthusiastic about wanting to stay involved with us and asking what more she could help with.
Honestly, I have waited a couple of days to write this recommendation to give the information she imparted time to settle in and it really has impacted my awareness as I make out the grocery list.
It’s always good to get a booster and I am deeply appreciative Kyla and I had this opportunity. I can recommend her confidently.


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