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I help women who are approaching “mid-life” create new and healthy habits in the way they think, eat, sleep and move, empowering them to show up in their lives fully and audaciously. I thrive on providing support and accountability for each client on their unique journey as they navigate their way through all kinds of change. I’m a certified Life Coach through the Martha Beck Institute and a certified Health Coach through IIN and I feel strongly that Wellness is a partnership between body, mind & spirit. I’m also a Certified Nutrition Expert through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. I really think of myself as a Possibility Coach because that’s the ultimate goal of coaching; helping people get unstuck and reconnected to the limitless possibilities that exist for all of us.

The most important part of being a coach is helping clients uncover and turn around the negative beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping them stuck – because it’s pretty much always our thoughts about a circumstance that make us unhappy rather than the actual circumstance itself. I teach my clients how to become detectives around their thought patterns and I don’t hesitate to gently call bullsh*t if/when I suspect they are working against themselves. Most of us spend way too much time “shoulding” all over ourselves and it’s incredibly liberating when we give ourselves permission to start questioning some of those “shoulds” and “have tos.”. I also help clients get out of their heads and climb back into their bodies so that they can remember how to trust their intuition again. Our bodies hold precious messages and sometimes we forget how to listen. My other areas of expertise include nutrition lifestyles/diets, simple, uncomplicated ways of adding in more healthy, sustainable habits and choices as well as cooking and meal prep tips.

The bio on my website will tell you a slightly longer story of how I started off my young adult life living in NYC and working in the music business which then ultimately took me to LA and the west coast. I ended up in Seattle which is where I’ve been for the last 20+ years, and never a day goes by when I’m not grateful for the fates that brought me here. A combination of infertility, autoimmune disease, a life-long love of personal development and my own mid-life “crisis” helped seal the deal on getting me into the coaching world but I suspect I was heading in this direction all along.

The list of things I’m crushing on changes regularly but some of the more consistent ones include superfoods and adaptogens, all forms of self care, feeding people, my Instant Pot, KEXP, Golden Gardens, Yin Yoga, matcha, Greenlake, Thanksgiving, hiking, Dance Church, the (probable) overuse of parenthesis and punctuation, emojis (I just can’t help it) and winter squash of all kinds. Also the deeply rooted belief that ultimately everything will be OK in the end.


How to book: Email lisa@audaciouswellness.com

Services offered: 1:1 coaching, group programs, workshops, classes and retreats

Rates: Varies depending on the service provided

Availability: Typically M-F between 10-4

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