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Madison Ayers, Intuitive Life & Wellness Guide


Madison Ayers

Intuitive Life & Wellness Guide, Health & Wellness Coach

Hi! I’m Madison. I am an Intuitive Life and Wellness guide that specialize in helping women identify and eradicate their inner critic and it’s distracting thoughts surrounding body and appearance. I provide tools and techniques to shift their relationship to themselves, their body and their life. I facilitate the process of doing this inner work, so that they can make space to experience life from a more loving and present perspective – free from the critical chatter than once filled their minds. From this place they can create a life that is aligned, constructive, inspiring and fulfilling.

I provide tools such as journal prompts, guided meditations, audio recorded talks, affirmations, breathing exercises, quick tips n tricks, crystals, mindfulness/presence practices, one on one meetings, and more.

I first felt an inner pull to do this work in 2015. I knew that I wanted to empower women, but got lost in the pressure of having a “normal job”. In early 2019, the pull got stronger and stronger and I decided to begin making this dream a reality. I haven’t looked back since!

I do this work because I believe with my whole heart that women are incredible, powerful beings that so often don’t step into their full power because of the messaging that targets us. When we are so consumed with our obsession to stay small physically, we stay small energetically, too. With the mind constantly focusing on losing weight or changing the physical body in some way, all of our precious headspace is occupied and we aren’t able to tap into the nonphysical traits and talents that we are here to share with the world.

I am inspired by the idea of the next generation of women not being bombarded with and internalizing that we need to change our physical appearance in some way to be deemed beautiful. To eliminate the negative self talk narrative that is all too common. I want women as a collective to reclaim and foster the innate power within so that they can use it to create a life free from self induced suffering. I can feel it on the horizon, so I have committed my life to helping make this shift happen!


How to book: Book online at www.madison-ayers.com/book-now

Services offered: 

  • Re:Frame – An 8 Week Mentorship Program
  • A la carte guided meditations, audio talks & journal prompts


  • Re:Frame – $200 – increasing with each round to a final price of around $800
  • Self study Re:Frame online course to launch July/August 2020 – $297
  • A la cart options from program: $10-$20 each


  • Varies

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