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Micha Goebig

Life Coach, Change Strategist, & Founder of Go Big Coaching

Hi, I am Micha, and I am a life coach and change strategist. I founded Go Big Coaching to work primarily with clients who are a little skeptical about life coaching because they think it may be “too woo-woo” for them. I want these people to experience the amazing difference the support of a coach can make—just the way I went from reluctantly starting to work with a life coach to thinking it’s the best thing ever, and ultimately to becoming a coach myself.

Born and raised in Germany, I am all about being efficient and pragmatic, solution-oriented and action-driven. My goal is to provide my clients with actionable tools and strategies to tackle their issues. I love helping people—and women in particular—strategize their big-picture plans and life transitions, reframe their negative self-talk, establish healthy habits, and build the kick-ass life they deserve.

I offer one-on-one sessions as well group coaching and workshops, both in person and online, and I work both with private individuals and organizations.

My current workshops focus on managing the inner critic and negative self-talk as well as on overcoming impostor syndrome—a topic I find particularly relevant as our lives change faster and faster and force us to step more and more outside our comfort zone.

2019 marks my 20th anniversary of being in business for myself. Before training as a coach with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches, Monika Scheddin, I worked as a presentation trainer and founded a communication business that offers writing, editing and translation services. Over the years, I have worked with communication departments, executives and board members at various German premium car makers and automotive suppliers, financial institutions, renowned museums and major foundations.

As writing is one of my passion, I have published two novels (one with a major RandomHouse outlet), blog avidly and encourage my clients to build a journaling routine.

I hold a master’s degree from the University of Munich, taught at a few colleges in the U.S. and Germany, and later dropped out of my PhD program—a fact I am not proud of, but that makes me uniquely qualified to teach impostor syndrome workshops!



How to book: using this link

Services offered: 1-on-1 coaching sessions online or in-person in Seattle (usually at a Riveter location), online group coaching, workshops; both for private individuals and organizations


Personal coaching:

  • 1-on-1 coaching (55 min. in-person) / session: $125
  • 1-on-1 coaching (55 min. online) / session: $100
  • 1-on-1 coaching (in-person) / 4 sessions: $400
  • 1-on-1 coaching (online) / 4 sessions: $325

Group coaching:

  • 5 online group sessions + 2 30 min. 1-on-1 sessions (in-person or online): $199

Corporate rates upon request.

For workshops see Go Big Coaching on Eventbrite or michagoebig.com/workshops

Availability: Monday to Thursday, 10am to 7pm. Weekends on request

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