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Patricia Montoya

End of Life Coach & Founder of Titipoza

Hello my Name is Patty Montoya, and I am an End of Life Coach and the founder of Titipoza. Titipoza is a new service that guides caregivers throughout the process of the death of their loved one. I take a personal approach to coach and guide you during this situation. Titipoza was born from my own experience, where I understood the importance of taking care of my wellbeing to offer a strong support system to my loved ones who were dying. Establishing your support system allows you to accomplish, provide the care your loved one needs, and take care of your body and mental health. At Titipoza, we want to guide and support you before, during, and after the death of your loved one.


How to book:

Send me an email: Patty@titipoza.com or through the website www.titipoza.com

Services offered:

  • Create an Advance Care Directive
  • Creating Lasting Memories
  • Unfinished Business/Legal
  • Urgent Business after the death
  • Funeral Preparations
  • Working through any disputes you have with your loved one
  • Communicating with friends and Family
  • Making a plan for the weeks that follow
  • Saying Goodbye in Your Own Way
  • Arrangements for Dependents or Pets
  • How to Manage Disputes After the Death
  • How to Talk About Death
  • And how to continue with your life after the death

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