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Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a peaceful parenting coach. I work with mamas who are stuck in the daily grind of doing it all, fighting “battles” with their child(ren), losing their shit, feeling unfulfilled and not experiencing the close, connected relationship that they desire with their child(ren). My work is to help Mamas cultivate that deep connection with their child(ren) by diving deep into themselves, peeling back the layers of their thoughts and beliefs about parenting. This is not about “fixing” our child(ren). There is nothing wrong with them. This is about shifting how we think about and respond to our child(ren). It’s about empowering our children vs. having power over them. There is no room for punishment here, only understanding, communication and collaboration. They are human beings after all, not just “things” that need to obey, especially not at the cost of connection with their parents. 

A tall, freaking order. I know. Here’s how we do it…

We work to cultivate connection, patience, and trust (in ourselves & our children) by practicing EXTREME self-care and getting REAL support.

Because how can we bring the best version of ourselves to our child(ren) when we put ourselves last and/or do not meet our own needs? And what better way to model self-love for our children?


I know first hand how draining being a Mama can be.  You see, I have twins. Yep, I said it. TWINS!! When I became a Mama, I almost immediately began to drown. How could I possibly keep two tiny humans alive & happy while taking care of myself, keep up my house, work my (lackluster) part time job and keep a marriage alive? Despite having these two amazing, little beings that I wanted fiercely, I was completely unfulfilled. Something had to change. And fast. I began making my self-care an absolute priority. At first, this looked like daily meditation and journaling. This gave me energy and clarity to move forward. Two things then happened: I took a leap of faith and quit my job to become a certified health coach. I also discovered unschooling which led me to the concept of peaceful parenting. And I never looked back. There are still challenging moments of course, but I find that there is so much more peace and connection with my littles. From there, I combined my coaching with my passion for raising kids peacefully.

And I must say, I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am incredibly passionate and committed to helping other Mamas climb out of this do-it-all, put-myself-last, snap-at-my-kids hole that we so often manage to dig ourselves into. There is another way. A more peaceful, loving, feel good way. And I am here to help guide you. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to help Mamas in this way, but it makes my heart so happy to know how much our children are benefiting as well. They get to feel good about who they are. For me, that’s what peaceful parenting is all about.


How to book: Email or call 206-940-8821

Services offered: 1:1 Coaching & Group programs

Rates: discussed upon initial conversation

Availability: Mon- Thurs afternoons; may vary

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