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Sharon Suh, Mindful Eating Method


Sharon A. Suh

Level II Trained Mindful Eating Teacher & Owner of The Mindful Eating Method

I teach workshops and an 8-week Mindful Eating-Compassionate Living course because I am committed to working with clients to reestablish a joyful relationship to food, eating, and their bodies. I really want folks to be present in their bodies and allow themselves to fully engage in life with joy rather than waiting to be happy in the future by stepping away from the conditional thinking that goes something like, “Once I lose X amount of weight and stop eating X, then I will be happy.”

I grew up with a mother who suffered from anorexia and bulimia and was force-fed as a child so had little understanding of how and when I was hungry. I discovered Mindful Eating through a book by my now teacher who is a very wise 75-year-old Zen priest and physician. She taught me the principles of mindful eating and compassionate living and I have made this one of my main forms of teaching outside of my job as a professor of Buddhism and mindfulness. I want people to understand that they can learn to free themselves from diet culture and learn to tune into their minds, hearts, and bodies to discover what they are really hungry for and nourish themselves.

My workshops and courses include time to meditate and reflect, and I emphasize in person teaching in order to create a safe container for learning where people feel respected, cared for, and honored. My style includes humor and compassion and each class begins and ends with meditation. I have training in trauma-informed yoga and always assume that we all have some form of trauma in our past and work to co-create empowering spaces. I love to work with clients to find calm and confidence in their bodies through mindfulness meditation, gentle movement, and mindful eating practices. I see so much power in learning how past conditioning such as family of origin, culture, etc. affects how you eat today and through my practice, I help people notice and change the tendency to eat to go unconscious or to avoid difficult situations. I love helping people make peace with food and stepping away from the “good food” and “bad food” categories. One of the most rewarding parts of my work is when clients learn to trust their intuitive ability to nourish themselves with kindness and compassion. My teaching focuses developing awareness of the 9 aspects of hunger from stomach hunger to heart hunger and learning how to feed each hunger appropriately. I believe wholeheartedly that all food is medicine in the right dose that is chosen by the individual and do not believe in pushing diets or any kinds of exercise plans.

I am Professor of Buddhism at Seattle University where I teach Buddhism, Mindfulness, and Yoga: History and Practice. I have trained extensively in Trauma-Informed Yoga and mindfulness and completed my 200-hr RYT and serve on the board of Yoga Behind Bars. I also teach barre at Bohemian Studios in West Seattle and Phinney Ridge.


How to book: Book online at www.mindfuleatingmethod.com

Services offered:

8-week Mindful Eating-Compassionate Living course

3 hour single workshop

Day long retreat


8 week course runs usually $300.00

3 hour workshop usually $50.00 per person

Day long retreat $85.00


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