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I am passionate about care, comfort and choice for the dying and those who love them (aka everyone!) I have a continuum of services that allows me to work with clients and/or families at any point along their journey. I serve as an End of Life Doula with people who want to understand, think about and record their end of life wishes. I serve as a Death Doula with people who know they are dying. I serve as a Mourning Doula with families whose loved one has died. I serve as a Home Funeral guide. I serve as an Organizing Doula for people who want help organizing a loved one’s belongings.

I consider it my honor to serve clients at this special time in their lives, and I got into this work to help more people have more knowledge and less fear about something that will happen to all of us.

As a medical social worker working with seriously ill and dying patients, every single day I watched people struggle to start conversations about death and dying. Later, after the conversation, I witness their joy, relief, freedom and deep peace.

My style is to be death positive. I believe it’s important to normalize death, not hide it in a corner or avoid it until we can’t. I empower my clients to know they have choices, to make choices that reflect their values. I also share wisdom about environmentally responsible death practices. Khalil Gibran said “Work is love made visible.” I like to say that end of life work is in my heart and soul. I’ve worked with a lot of people, in a lot of settings, but nothing else grabbed my attention and my heart like end of life care. It is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done, because of it’s realness, its rawness, and its transformative power.

I love supporting people during transitions, and death and dying is the biggest transition of all. I wish people knew what I know: death positive people ( are the most life affirming, fun loving, free people I know! We know that life is short and we make our moments count! The most rewarding part of what I do is my opportunity to bear witness and share people’s stories and lives.

It makes sense that we should make end of life preparations. It makes sense that it is a kind and thoughtful thing to do, for ourselves and our loved ones. I love to help people feel that sense of peace, knowing their wishes will be honored, and they have a death that reflects the values they lived.


How to book: contact Emily at silverwheelhealing@gmail.com or call or text her at 206-925-3602. She offers free 15 minute phone consultations for anyone who wants to know more! You can request a consult on her website www.silverwheelhealing.com through the Consultation tab or a button at the bottom of the home page.

Services offered: End-of-life doula, death doula, mourning doula, home funeral doula, organizing doula (for more information, explore these roles here)

Rates: Varies based on service

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