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Adrenna Nicole

Energy Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Educator

Adrenna Nicole provides a compassionate and safe space to work with inner children, past lives, and ancestral patterns. She focuses on a client-centered and trauma-informed approach to all of her work and also specializes in assisting survivors of trauma and empaths/highly sensitives to become healthier, embodied and more functional.

Her spiritual journey began over a decade ago through the practice of yoga and dove deep into studies of eastern medicine, shamanism,and magical practices. These studies opened up dormant psychic abilities + gifts and led to an intense Top-Down Awakening.

Like some highly energetically sensitives going through an awakening without proper skills + education, she was forced to seek medical treatment and experienced a Dark Night of the Soul. During this time of healing, she discovered she was ungrounded + disembodied. She sought for a solid foundation in spiritual studies to work with her natural gifts and later, opened up her own practice.

Adrenna specializes in assisting empaths/highly sensitives and individuals experiencing spiritual awakenings-and helping them to be healthier, embodied, and more functional. She is also a trauma informed yoga instructor for 10+ years, hypnotherapist, and body worker. Her focus is on the holistic health of her clients and looks at all angles (mind, body + spirit) for a comprehensive eagle’s eye perspective.

Adrenna is a natural healer with lineages of healers behind her. She views spiritual work as a collaboration with Spirit; one that has changed her life significantly. Pulling in ancestors, gifts from past lives, and other forces, she aims to be a bridge between the spiritual world and our physical world.


How to book: Online at www.adrennanicole.com/session

Services offered:

  • Energetic Cords
  • Power Retrievals
  • Inner Children
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Psychopomp
  • House and Land Clearings
  • Assisting individuals going through a spiritual awakening
  • Mentoring Energetically Sensitives/Empaths



  • Session Sliding Scale: $100-150
  • Card Readings: $35


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Testimonials for Adrenna

Adrenna is truly a natural and intuitive healer. She is grounded, clear, nurturing, and attentive. Her energy work is profound and deeply healing. I have noticed significant shifts after each and every session. She has held a safe and supported space to for me to be open and honest. I have walked away from our sessions feeling whole, confident, clear, relaxed and balanced. I have learned and gained a lot physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. She has a true gift. She is a talented healer.

Krysti L.

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