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Annalise Sullivan

Intuitive Guide and Founder of Spirited Roots

Annalise values growth, openness and kindness. She actively seeks diverse perspectives to maintain a well-rounded and informed knowledge base. She believes the natural cycles of your mind and emotions are the framework that support the bridge connecting you to the spiritual. Living in acceptance of these cycles is an effective way to overcome restlessness, trauma, and personal blocks. With a trauma-informed perspective she encourages you to overcome blocks by connecting to your emotions, being fully present to your experience and accepting who you actually are, not just the idea of who you want to be, as we are so much greater than what we can imagine. Her approach is personal and rooted in compassion. Whether you are healing or expanding, Annalise is right there with you – guiding you with grace and acceptance.



How to book:

Book online at www.spiritedroots.com


Services offered:

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Breathwork Healing



  • Group classes range from $5-22
  • One on One sessions $130-$177
  • Spiritual Guidance $350 monthly



  • Monday – Thursday


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