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Emily McNaughton

Energy Practitioner

I help hold Divine space for people either individually or in groups so your energy has space to breathe and expand, emphasizing your intuition and the unique talents you bring to the world.

I show people how they can see or perceive energy in their own way and also with tools that are useful to their own personal healing practice and growth.

I see people’s energy and what presents itself to me is what you are wishing to release or work on. My style is 100% about enabling the person to understand their own energy field better and receive tools and support that empowers their overall wellbeing.

People walk away feeling lighter and brighter, sometimes completely changed because they’ve really dumped a load off (!), and are excited at the prospect of seeing a side of themselves they haven’t delved into before.

I’ve seen energy my entire life, in the literal sense as well as with my third eye, I believe with every ounce of my being that we are meant to understand our energy fields and how we are to support it day to day. And I love showing people how they can see energy and run a supportive energy for themselves instantly.


How to book:

Online at emilymarie.com or email team@emilymarie.com

Services offered:

  • Energy meditations: one remote and one in person at Light Owl {Shop} each month;
  • 1×1 sessions: I hold space for your energy and “see” it, I share what you’re wanting to work on and release; this is soul work as well as your sweet human personality piece; your guides have me ask you questions so you can come to your own realization as to what you’re wanting to discover for yourself. 


  • $140 for a 1×1
  • Tuesdays meditations are free
  • $25 for one hour energy talk & meditation session remotely once a month


  • Varies

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