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Yasmine Decosterd, Crystal Wellness Company


Yasmine Decosterd

Crystal Reiki Master, Certified in Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Breathwork Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and Founder of Crystal Wellness Company

I founded the Crystal Wellness Company in 2019. I’ve always had a passion for creating human connection and learning moments through experiences, and developed a way to do that through my love of Crystals and Energy Healing. I am a Certified Reiki Master specializing in Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki, and Certified in Singing Bowl Sound Healing, and I am trained in Breathwork and Mindfulness. I am currently studying Shamanism, and have an 18+ year executive corporate background in employee development and people operations. Fun fact, I still do some HR coaching on the side. I also consider myself an artist and creator of things.

The most rewarding part of what I do is teaching people something new and helping them heal. I’m inspired by my children – they give me the courage and energy to be a better version of myself every day. My approach and style is very straight forward, authentic, clean and modern – from the ingredients I use all the way to my execution of the brand. I also love collaborating with local studios and wellness practitioners on workshops and events.


How to book: Via the website using this link or via email hello@crystalwellnesscompany.com.

Services offered: Crystal Reiki & Intuitive Tarot (virtual & in person), Singing Bowl Massages, Sound Baths (virtual & in person), Space Clearing, Crystal Workshops, Custom Curated Workshops/Events, Other Speaking engagements (topics can be customized but include Chakra, Energy & Crystal Wellness, Resilience During Times of Stress, Managing Stress, Mindfulness, etc.), Retail (Specialty Curated/Wholesale).

Rates: Varies based on service

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Testimonials for Yasmine

My Distance Crystal Reiki &

My Distance Crystal Reiki & Tarot session was amazing and spot on. I highly recommend!


Her workshop last month was

Her workshop last month was great. You can feel the energy virtually, so wonderful. I really appreciate her calm healing energy. Her ability to tap in to what was going on with me intuitively was also impressive.


During my Crystal Reiki session

During my Crystal Reiki session I could feel energy shifting and moving in my body. After the session l felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace. I woke the next day rested as if a great weight had been lifted from my spirit.


I received your absolutely BEAUTIFUL

I received your absolutely BEAUTIFUL crystal collection today!! I am so amazed at how gorgeous these crystals are!


I absolutely love the attention

I absolutely love the attention to detail with all of her products. The Apothecary items are AMAZING.


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