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Greetings Seekers, I’m Barbie!

I am a seeker too, answering the call back to my wild self and inspired to share…

This calling revealed itself while I was fragile and adrift, anchorless during a dark, painful chapter of my life. I had found myself determined to become reacquainted with my soul’s essence and was discovering a grounding through self-love. In the midst of centering my focus, Wild Essence began to take form.

Piecing myself back together, guided by my curious nature; my craving to explore unconventional approaches to healing, led me to form what I refer to as my kaleidoscope lens.  Exploring diverse paths through this lens, I unearthed an enchanting array of holistic tools. The most significant healing and transformation has been experienced through my deepened connection and understanding of plants and energy.

My world and heart were burst wide open after being introduced to doTERRA essential oils.  I had been using herbal remedies throughout my life but was forever changed after I tilted that first bottle of doTERRA peppermint oil.  Experiencing its power and purity, was love at first drop. I immediately rid our home of any synthetic products and began enhancing my all-natural lifestyle. Not only did I want to restore the health of my own life and home but I aspired to share and help others experience this same empowerment. Now a Wellness Advocate, I am honored to educate and offer support to those seeking holistic alternatives.   

My fascination of plants and their energetic qualities has bridged into my energy work with Chakredy® and Shamanic Reiki. Chakredy® is a chakra assessment system that identifies and prioritizes energetic imbalances with specially designed and tuned crystal pendulums.  Chakredy® combined with the traditions of our shamanic ancestors, guides us into a deep dialogue with the energy centers and takes energetic healing to a transformative level; connecting individuals with their own innate wisdom and healing abilities. These modalities have unleashed an ancient dialogue within myself that I am eager to expand, share and integrate into Wild Essence and beyond.

My intention with Wild Essence is to create a safe, sacred space for others to explore and discover their own unique lens. Working closely with nature, plants, oils, energy, ancient traditions and a Pagan (nature or earth) philosophy; I offer gentle guidance towards clarity and empowerment with the practices that have been most significant to me.  

It has been a wild adventure rediscovering my wild self. My journey continues to reveal the power that comes with dedication to personal growth and honoring the magick of everyday life, even when it’s painful. Pain has guided me to a deepened understanding of myself and the world. I don’t fear the darkness anymore, I surrender to it. I don’t cower to it, I work with it. I don’t let it rob me of my power, I thank it for encouraging me to ignite my inner light. I hope to help others find this freedom.

I am inspired and motivated by the shifting consciousness of our planet and by the courage, love and compassion we nourish for ourselves and therefore, each other. This ripples out and heals the world. I truly believe that we can all align with our primal life force, heal ourselves and be an essential part of our global awakening; it all begins by turning inward and discovering our most authentic, radiant selves. Be gentle with yourself, never force anything and honor your own sacred pace. I look forward to working and growing with others seekers ready to celebrate their own wild essence.  

Wild Blessings, darlings!


Services offered: Chakra Assessment and Energy Healing, Reiki, doTERRA Essential Oil Consultation/Classes

How to book: call 360-870-0368 or email

Rates: 120$ energy session/1hr, Free 30 minute essential oil consultations

Availability:  Tuesdays 10:00-5:00, Mondays and Fridays 10:00-2:00

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