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Camron Momyer

Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Healer

A lifelong mystic, I remember walking home from school at about six, looking up, and wondering what was up there. Did the sky have an end? Did the Care Bears really live in those clouds?

I soon realized that Care Bears weren’t real but that didn’t put an end to my questions. I joined the youth group at the church down the street in middle school. I attended Young Life meetings in high school. I majored in Religious Studies in college and lived with contemplative monks in Ireland. I spent three months in India studying yoga and Vedic philosophy and became a yoga teacher. I earned a Master’s degree from Antioch University where I studied holistic systems, permaculture and the connections between things.

However, it was In 2002 that I discovered energy healing and felt I had finally found home. After 10 years of using energy healing on myself, I completed my Reiki Master certification with Marie Manuchehri and began working on others. After a two year mentorship with Nicole Walsh, I opened Soul Sourced Energy Healing and began seeing clients in my home.

Today my specialty is remote healing and I work with clients across the country by phone. I love working with people when they are in transition or searching for their next move. I also love working with other parents and with anyone dealing with chronic illness. (I was diagnosed with M.S. in 2010.)

When I’m not working, I’m usually wrangling my two wild boys (2 and 5 years old) with my husband. I find that children have added a level of humility, humor, irony, and more humility to my life that I didn’t see coming. I’m learning to appreciate all of it.


How to book: call/text 425-691-0783 or email camronmomyer@gmail.com

Services offered: Reiki and Intuitive Healing Phone Sessions (1 hr)


  • One session: $100
  • Two sessions: $180 (save %10)
  • Three sessions:$255 (save 15%)

Availability: Weekdays 10:30 am or 8:00 pm

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