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Life is about people and I am deeply committed to supporting people to truly heal their lives. At the heart of the work I practice is a commitment to look at what gets in the way of us living the confidence, magnificence and truth of who we are. We are looking to uncover what is festering underneath and thus finding the roots of what is causing us disease and disharmony in our lives. In that, we aim to leave no stone unturned, and this can be a bit confronting – but we do it totally at your pace, light-heartedly and with fun, laughter and tenderness. The hand-on energy work that pairs with this is deeply nurturing and non-imposing. It offers the body the opportunity to let go of held emotions, tensions, guarding, contraction and other forms of disharmony, so we can surrender to the natural stillness and lightness within us all. This work will always be about you getting to know yourself more deeply, and enjoying the beauty, wisdom and joy of who you are more consistently. Clients have reported significant benefits and found support working through a myriad of life challenges, including:

  • Relationship & Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Parenting, Pregnancy, & Fertility
  • Anxiety & Overwhelm
  • Exhaustion & Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Physical Tension & Pain  
  • Sexual, Physical or Emotional Abuse
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction

In my over 20 years as a healing arts practitioner, I have also honed my experience in therapeutic massage, fertility and prenatal care, advanced energy work, herbal medicine, nutrition, sound healing and meditation. Highlights of my training and associations include:

While appreciating the importance of my training and experience, I understand that my work is most strongly rooted in “walking my talk” – and that, without perfection, we can only truly offer others the reflection of the authority of how we ourselves live every day. My approach to healing is deeply inspired by the lineage of the Ageless Wisdom and the teachings of Serge Benhayon and The School of Universal Medicine and I am the first practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies in Washington state.

I live and work in Seattle with my partner, and between us we have five amazing children, two dogs and a cat. We love outdoor adventures, cooking up themed dinner parties for friends and family, and massive snuggle fests.  I am also a singer/songwriter, having released a debut album in 2016.


Services offered: Sacred Esoteric Healing, Energetic Facial Release, Prenatal Care, Fertility Care, Lifestyle and Well-Being Consultations, Therapeutic Massage, Online Consults, Meditation Classes, Personal Development Groups.

How to book: www.seattlewellbeing.com

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“Deborah embodies the loving presence that she teaches in her work. During my many sessions with Deborah, I have felt subtle and profound shifts in the energy in various organs, allowing the way I hold myself and my story to shift into more openness, trust, and integration in my being. I experience Deborah as a teacher who holds my well-being with fierce love, encouraging me to take hold of the truth of the way things are, and to trust that completely. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Deborah is fortunate!”

~M.H.S., Chaplain

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