I guide open-hearted women through deep emotional healing + transformational coaching to gain clarity, grace, + the confidence to pursue their dream life!

Two years ago, I was working as a lawyer, in a career I had pursued for most of my life. I had thought that once I got the job I had worked so hard for, THEN I’d be happy. There was always a finish line to work toward that would bring me success, joy, satisfaction, worthiness…

Until there were no more finish lines to cross. I had the life I had worked toward for years and I felt empty, lost, bored, not good enough, and depressed! When we live our life according to OTHERS’ expectations, often we feel empty because we aren’t connected to OUR soul’s purpose, to OUR soul’s desires. You may not feel this in your job necessarily, but you may feel this way about your relationships, your home, your hobbies, or your life just generally!

When we feel this way, we’re living out someone ELSE’s dream rather than our own. We each have unique dreams to bring to this physical world! But we can’t access them when we’re weighed down by the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’. We can’t see them when we have heavy layers of emotional wounds and limiting beliefs like blankets blocking the light of our soul!

After realizing that the life I was living wasn’t mine, in almost every way, I experienced a beautiful transformation using empowering life philosophies, shamanic journeying, energy healing, tarot cards, and mindset shift strategies. And now I can see clearly what I’ve known deep down about my soul all along.

That I’ve always been excellent at holding safe and sacred space for others when they’re going through healing.
That I’m meant to be leading people through shamanic journeying to self-heal.
That my blend of intellectual knowledge and intuitive wisdom is a unique and beautiful combination for guiding clients through self-healing.

I’m connected to my desires, I’m TURNED ON by my current life, and I’m pursuing my DREAM life in all its unique beauty. My soul’s purpose is to hold sacred + judgment-free space, to shine a light on the path to your soul, and to guide you toward the healing, clarity + confidence that is WITHIN YOU.

I’m currently offering New Year, New You :: a 1:1 emotional healing + transformational coaching program which you can find more information about here.

And I’m now offering Journey to your Dream Life! :: a group online emotional healing + transformational coaching program. Embrace a deep dive into your emotional healing journey and transform your life for 2019! Find the clarity, grace, + confidence within to pursue your DREAM life.

Each and every one of us has a unique dream within our soul that we’re meant to bring to this world. After my own deep healing journey with over 50 other beautiful souls, I absolutely LOVED watching them each go out and pursue completely new dreams, dreams nobody else had ever even thought of! That is what I wish for each of you.

First, we will dive deep and clear the emotional muck that’s become stuck in our energy bodies, our physical bodies, and our minds. Giving ourselves so much grace throughout the healing and growth process. Then, we will move forward, with coaching and exercises to gain clarity and confidence to start pursuing our dream life!

I also lead private moon circles and I offer an introduction to shamanic journeying, which you can book below.

With love and moonlight,


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