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Hannah Talbot, Tribe Life Events


Hannah Talbot

Yoga Teacher, Meditation Leader, Reiki Practitioner, & Founder of Tribe Life Events

My life’s calling is to help all beings be nourished and ignited, my work in Reiki is just that in action and I am so honored to share it with you.

Reiki is a healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, that can promote balance in the body by releasing stuck energy. By placing the hands on or above energetic centers in the body, we can work with your life force energy to call in more harmony, balance and clearing.

My first experience of Reiki was as an observer, my mother was sick with terminal cancer and her body was so ravaged that she had very little energy to do much of anything. I watched her walk into her appointment feeling, well, like death, and then watched her exit 60 minutes later literally glowing with light, love and pure energy. I have been fascinated by it ever since.  

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I weave energetic healing throughout much of what I teach. But it is my greatest joy to have one on one sessions with people. Together we discuss what it is your looking to release, if anything, and we discuss how it is you would like to feel after your session. From there you need only to be open to receiving what it is you need.  

My sessions last 60-90 minutes. I am mobile, I come to your space with my table or you can come to mine on the eastside.


How to book: call 425-761-1723 or email tribelifeevents@gmail.com

Services offered: Reiki/Energy Healing

Rates: $75 per 1 hour, $115 per 90 minutes

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