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Jeffrey Max Daniel, Going Guided: Holistic Movement


Jeffrey Max Daniel

The Tai Chi Guy, Energy Healer & Owner of Going Guided: Holistic Movement

I’m a Tai Chi player and Certified Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve been studying meditation and energy work for 13 years now. Going Guided: Holistic Movement is my practical and spiritual approach to cultivating long lasting and beneficial change in my life and in the lives of others. I offer group and private Tai Chi classes and private Reiki Healing sessions.

My philosophy is that healing is a process of feeling, observing, and then moving or changing, in an ever repeating cycle of learning and growth. It’s my intention to help people become more aware of their body/mind and help them connect with Earth, Spirit, and their own energy, to aid in improving their lives and begin to heal themselves. Tai Chi means “The Supreme Ultimate” and as such it has no limit to usefulness or application.

My pronouns are he/him/his but if you were to use others it wouldn’t bother me at all. I identify as a cis-male, mixed caucasian, heterosexual with bisexual aspirations. My life goal is to fully realize myself in all my dimensions and aspects while living authentically from my heart.


How to book: Book online at this link or email me

Services offered:

  • Reiki Sessions are by appointment Monday – Saturday and I’ve suggested some rates below:
      • $25 – Tune Up – 20 Minutes
      • $50 – Short Session – 45 Minutes
      • $66 – Full Session (Discounted) – 60 Minutes
      • $99 – Full Session – 60 Minutes
  • Tai Chi Neigong (Internal Work) 9:30am-10:30am Tues and Thurs $1-$100/month
      • This is a virtual space for us to come together to discuss Tai Chi and Taoist Principles and develop our internal strength. Each day I’ll read an excerpt from the Tao Te Jing, I-Ching, or some other Tai Chi classic and we’ll look at how it may or may not apply to our lives. We’ll also take some time to practice sitting and standing meditation during which we’ll develop our sense of center and inner harmony.
  • Tai Chi Qigong (Energy Work) 9:30am-10:30am Mon, Wed, and Fri $1-$100/month
      • This class will be for those looking for gentle exercise and meditation time. A chance to come together in a virtual arena to experience flow as a group. We’ll play with Tai Chi Qigong movements that are simple, require little space and can be adapted to suit a variety of needs and skill levels. However, this will come to no surprise to those who already know me, we may stray into other forms and practices as interest and the class dictate. I try to follow that which will be of greatest benefit and sometimes the flow leads me away from the “plan”.




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