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I am Songbird & Oracle, Kate Ryan, a Shamanic Musician. With over 20 years of performance experience, building worlds & working with wide variety of people in magical places; I am passionate about creating a safe container for participants to authentically connect with their intuitive instincts, subconscious beliefs & and highest truth. You are your own most powerful healer & I want to help you remember your power, your passion, your life path!

After living with an autoimmune disorder for 3 years I was exhausted & living in a painful body. I launched on a mission to find a answers that western medicine could not provide… this lead me to fall in love with yoga philosophy & practice from bikram to vinyasa & YIN, reiki energy work & my favorite; tibetan sound healing!! As I found some relief, it wasn’t until my first Ayahuasca ceremony that my autoimmune symptoms subsided, though only for a few weeks. Finally finding something that offered a remedy I became confident that the earth had answers for me & potentially held great healing. I found a jungle camp in Peru that offered an incredibly in-depth course of study called The Inkan Kena School of natural healing. I was initiated in 2016 into the Peruvian Shipibo lineage of Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine. Now my illness has been in full remission for 2 years and I am compelled to share any bit of my knowledge & experience helping others ready to walk the healing path.

My Sound Baths & ceremonies are based on these Amazon Spirit teachings woven along with other energetic healing practices. In ceremony or workshop level I will lead you on a guided shamanic journey to the cosmic seat of your soul with a powerful sound bath of medicine songs and tones, Tibetan bowls, gong, drum, rattle & more.  Traveling deep within yourself as a celestial being, painting images with your subconscious, to discover a message, a sign, a piece of wisdom you have been waiting to receive.

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How to book: Jakkuhouse@gmail.com

Services offered:

  • Oracle Card readings: 30 min ~ $40 | 60 min ~ $65
  • Personal consultation: Includes mini Oracle Card reading + Herbal Smudge & Personal Attunement 90 min ~ $60 
  • Public session/Group classes: Ceremonial sound healing & guided shamanic journey 90 min ~ $ 28
  • Private session Shamanic soul retrieval: Shadow & Trauma healing 90 min ~ $123
  • Private session: Ceremonial sound healing & guided shamanic journey 90 min ~ $98
  • Private group: sessions 2-6 people ~ $350

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