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Lauren Acton


Lauren Acton

Reiki Master & Singing Bowl Healer

My name is Lauren Acton, I am a Reiki Master and Tibetan Singing Bowl Healer – both very powerful, relaxing, restorative, and effective systems of healing that revitalizes our bodies and frees one from emotional turmoil, old belief systems, addictive behaviors, and physical disorders that no longer serve us.  

After struggling through years of addiction, anxiety and depression, I was guided to the beautiful healing modalities of energy and sound.  I discovered I could reorient my addictive thinking and behavior, so that turning to anything but my own love was no longer perceived as a viable solution to negative feelings and challenges.  I found a new way of experiencing and responding to life’s problems, old habits and beliefs, and feelings of anger and hopelessness that created the overwhelming need to check out.  I traveled within my heart and mind and connected with who I really am, embarking on the journey of unbecoming, erasing the illusion of everything I thought I was supposed to be.  

Now with the strength I have gained from my journey of sacred healing, I am so blessed to have found the space, energy and love to develop my healing abilities as an intuitive lightworker and energy healer.  I can share the gifts of Reiki and Sound Healing with others, either as separate or combined healing sessions.  

During a Reiki Session, I focus my consciousness on the client’s sense of calmness and peace, transmitting universal life force energy and eternal love to bring harmony to the energy system of the body while cleansing the energy field.  Insights may be shared from impressions I receive from the client’s energy system.  When appropriate, I will offer guidance based on these impressions and may make recommendations to enhance healing.

During a Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Session, I massage the client with sound so the cells in the body start to vibrate and reorganize themselves according to their divine blueprint.  The sounds generated become energy medicine to promote healing, creating the perfect state for deep meditation, intuitive messages, and releasing emotional trauma locked with the subconscious.  I perform healing sessions with my Tibetan Singing Bowls either directly on the client for a sound massage, around the client for sound healing therapy, or in a group meditation as a sound bath.

Reiki and Sound Healing is for anyone who wants to look at their life and dare to change, to travel into your space of true healing, where you will lean and believe that your life is sacred.  My mission and life’s work is to be a voice of light and a healer of the highest order for people who struggle in any capacity.


How to book: Call (360) 969-1506, email laurenactonreiki@gmail.com, or use this website to schedule

Services offered: One Hour Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions

$150 Initial Consult / Intake + 60 min Session
$120 60 min Reiki Session or 60 min Sound Healing Session
$150 Combined Reiki and Sound Healing Session (75 mins)           
$175 Combined Reiki and Sound Healing Session (90 mins)

Availability: Lauren works out of Kirkland, WA. E-mail for availability. Home visits and distance healing also offered.


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Testimonials for Lauren

This was my first reiki

This was my first reiki experience. Lauren has such a healing, calming energy and being in her space immediately put me at ease. It is hard for me to find the right words to describe my experience because it felt so personal to me, I am not really sure I can convey it in a way that would make sense to others…. but I can say that I left feeling completely at peace and relaxed, yet restored and energized. Wonderful experience and I would recommend Lauren to anyone!!!

Kim D

I went into this unsure

I went into this unsure of the treatment or process. During my initial consultation, Lauren was very helpful in explaining what Reiki is. During the treatment I was able to fully relax for the first time in months. Reiki was so peaceful, and helped me to reach a visual meditation that I have never before experienced. I didn’t want the session to end. My body has a lot of pain from various injuries and after the treatment my body was in less pain and relaxed in a way that is hard to describe. I have one treatment left and I’m very sorry I’m leaving town and won’t be able to continue. I’m curious to know what benefits Reiki could bring with a longer treatment. Thanks Lauren!

Roger H.

Like many people I wasn’t

Like many people I wasn’t sure what to think about reiki. I wouldn’t have called myself a skeptic, closer to ambivalent. However, when I walked into the room with Lauren I knew something special and healing was about to happen.
She was able to unlock emotions and even memories I had no idea I was holding onto. I went from having tears roll down my cheeks to a feeling of pride and self confidence. Her presence felt safe, and even though part of me was self conscious about my reaction to her work on me, nothing but love and light was radiated from her the entire session.
Until meeting Lauren and trying reiki I felt hopeless. I have been to every type of therapy available and each offers their own benefits. But what Lauren offers is in a league if it’s own. I can’t thank her enough for being such a healing force in my life.


As a practitioner of the

As a practitioner of the healing arts for nearly 20 years, I’ve been surrounded by many different practitioners. Many of them I have experienced, sadly, do not possess the true nature one requires to excel in the art of healing. It isn’t an easy field to practice in.

But those who I have met who are amazing, and I’ve been blessed to be around some very talented masters of their craft, Lauren is right at the top of the list.

When I receive a Reiki session from Lauren, my body literally jumps for joy. And I am not exaggerating! During one session I almost jumped off the table. It’s startled me and Lauren. We both laughed at how powerful and startling it was. I’ve had some of the most impactful and amazing sessions while under her hands. The other day, during a session, while I was in a trance, my right arm literally raised up off the table for quite a while. But I didn’t raise it knowingly. After a handful of seconds I realized it was off the table. The energy was so powerful.

Her healing spirit is unwavering and you will feel like a brand new person when she has finished. The worst part of her sessions… are when it ends.

I trust her fully with my health as well as my most important clients, including professional athletes… who absolutely love her as well.

If you are fortunate enough to meet to this amazing woman, I highly suggest getting on her books as quickly as possible.

Adam Hewitt
The River Stone Shiatsu Center

Adam Hewitt, LMT, Shiatsu practitioner, Reiki Master

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