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Leah Nguyen

Artist Healer & Owner of Planet Paint People

My mission is to create art works that assist in the evolution, transformation, balance, healing, and embodiment of purpose of individuals, communities, organizations, and Nature. I am inspired by the uniqueness of each energy that exists and seek to express the energy that is a being’s gift to the world through my work.

I do this by working in collaboration with a spiritual team, using energy testing and my higher sense perception to communicate. The paintings hold a personal joy in pattern and sacred geometry—my soul’s lens, through which the unique light of the being shines through. My process can be used to make a painting, permanent outdoor mosaic, or mural to serve any higher purpose or embody any energy.

I have been painting in conscious collaboration with Spirit since 2007. My art practice is backed up by my training in energy psychology, Reiki, plant spirit medicine, and social work. It is also supported by my daily spiritual practice in which I work to heal, balance, and transform personal and collective patterns for the benefit of all in this time of massive change in our world.

I frequently paint portraits of people’s unique soul energy. The resulting paintings are both a portrait and an encoded visual message from your soul to your human self that is appropriate for this time in your life.

Benefit of the patterns comes from close physical proximity or use of the geometries in your daily meditation/energy practice. The patterns can be printed on cloth and paper for increased daily use in the form of clothing, bedding, journals, etc. I also can make paintings that embody the energy signature of a business, a family, a loving relationship, a plant, animal, or other element or being of nature, or a particular energy or practice, for example, love, joy, mindfulness, social justice…the possibilities are endless!

I work primarily by commission and limited edition prints are available. Collaborating and working at a level above my conscious mind results in paintings that always surprise and delight me! Let’s work together to find what it is you want to embody in a sacred pattern.


How to book: Email leah@planetpaintpeople.com or text, or call 314-799-9959 to discuss commissions or consultations.

Services offered: Soul Pattern Portraits, Custom art works for specific purposes.

Rates: vary,

*Free consultation to consider options for art works to benefit the individual, business, home, family, or environment. Discounts off of second commission.

Availability: deposit secures spot in queue

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