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Sterling Rung

Fine Art Photographer, Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Practitioner & Founder of Sterling Rose Art

Hi I’m Sterling – Fine Art Photographer & Mindfulness Practitioner

I offer unique healing and creative sessions centered on nature immersion, breathwork, and art creation. With a formal education in landscape architecture, I spent the majority of my twenties working at a fast-paced design firm up and down the west coast. After several years of feeling burnt out and missing my art practice, I left the corporate design world for a more heart-centered calling; marrying my love for mindfulness and nature with my talents in the arts. As a mindfulness practitioner, multifaceted artist, and certified breathwork instructor, I offer one-of-a-kind healing and expressive experiences empowering individuals to reveal their inner creator.

With 83% of Americans living in urban areas and stress-related illnesses on the rise, I aim to reconnect people to wild spaces, harnessing the healing powers of nature. I implement the principles of the Japanese concept of ‘Forest Bathing’ in my artful sessions to calm the nervous system, reduce stress, anxiety and create a deeper connection to oneself. Along with nature immersion, breathwork is utilized as one of the most powerful tools for an immediate reduction in stress. The breathwork techniques I offer combine energetic and calming practices to stimulate and detoxify the body while igniting the creative spirit. The final component of these unique sessions employs art creation with the option for land art or an intuitive photoshoot. These collaborative efforts are centered on creativity, heart-opening, and inner growth. Participants are given a digital gallery to share and display as a reminder of the creation, healing, and expression of the experience. I intuitively guide individuals and small groups through invigorating experiences at breathtaking landscapes throughout the Pacific North West.

My goal is to bring people back to the simplicity and grace of nature, hoping to heal, inspire and empower individuals to feel strong and beautiful in their bodies – realizing that they too are a work of art. See my offerings page for a glimpse into the experience: https://www.sterlingroseart.com/offerings 


How to book:

Fill out my booking form here: www.sterlingroseart.com/book

Services offered:

  • Intuitive Photoshoot
  • Healing Landart
  • Editorial Photoshoot
  • Breathwork Healing



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Testimonials for Sterling

Sterling is the most wonderful photographer. Our first shoot together we hiked a trail to a river. I am not the most athletically inclined and I have a fear of heights to boot, but Sterling held my hand when I was nervous, and even found spots along the way to take some pictures. She has such a calming presence I instantly felt at ease with her. She was open to ideas but also had a solid concept in her mind. She always noted the details; whether my hair was out of place, or fewer ferns were needed. Spending the day tree bathing and sitting with my feet in the water was so restorative and brought me so much peace. I knew I definitely wanted to work with Sterling again. The finished photos were extraordinary. She really has such an eye, and such a gift for capturing an interesting shot. When I looked at the photos of me, in the woods, I thought, “I look like art.” And any photographer who can make her model see that in a photograph is an incredible artist.


Sterling was a wonderful person to shoot with. It was my first time shooting so I was nervous to say the least, but Sterling did an amazing job making me relaxed and reassured. She respected my boundaries and never asked me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with, all while effectively communicating her artistic vision. She gave good direction on how to pose in a way that mimics the natural surroundings, so the whole process felt effortless and enjoyable!


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