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I like to identify myself as a woman in recovery on a wellness journey in different areas of life: motherhood, sobriety, as a partner, dog mom, daughter, friend, and Addiction and Mental Health Counselor.  My journey started with oils in 2017, when I had exhausted all resources looking for a way to get my two year old to sleep. I was a skeptic of these little magical bottles, but they kept working wonders in my family’s life, as well as in my own recovery from drugs and alcohol.  As I started researching more on oils, I was lead to an introduction of chemicals in our makeup, household, and even hygiene products. I started exploring Young Living’s whole wellness line and slowly made the ditch and switch over the course of a year to being a chemical free, natural alternative home.  Some may call me “crunchy”, but I don’t hate on western medicine side. I’m not going to throw oils on a broken bone and not go see the doctor. I like to poke fun at myself as life throws me surprises, and ah-ha moments frequently.

The most rewarding part of what I do, is help educate other women and families on the chemicals in our homes, and about why oils can help our body’s heal emotionally and physically.  I would like to think that in helping families and individuals alike be more aware of what is in our products, that I am contributing to the wellness success of future generations. This is important to me, as my children are my inspiration in all I do.  I want my ceiling to be their floor in all things.

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